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just getting into Festtools and i bought the PSC saw, still waiting for it to ship, but then i saw they also make a CARVEX PSBC 420 saw, they are the same price, just a different handle. any other difference? any personal preference that im missing?

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As far as i know the only differences are the handle and the trigger. With the D handle version you get a variable speed trigger, with the barrel grip version u get an on-off switch and a speed control dial instead.

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Well, you get the variable speed dial on the D handle, but it just limits the top speed.  The trigger can still feather the speed which is not possible with the barrel grip as mentioned above.  Some people like the ergonimics of the barrel grip because your hand is closer to the work surface for improved control.  Also, if you find yourself holding the saw upside down under the work piece to follow a line closely or limit tear out on the visible side, the barrel grip is well suited for that, the D handle is not. 

Offline Bob D.

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All my previous jig saws were D handle type. Last year I bought the barrel grip cordless from Festool. Saw is great but I wish I had gotten the D handle. I miss that style grip and I think I would like the D handle grip over the barrel grip. I guess I could have taken it back and swapped it out but then they are stuck with a used (however so slightly) tool which doesn't seem fair to me. It was my choice and for me it was not the best. The style grip is a personal thing, saw operates fine otherwise. Grip just isn't that comfortable for me and I feel like I don't have the control that I do with my Bosch jig saw. I just used the Bosch yesterday because I didn't feel like dealing with the grip on the Festool, though working cordless for that job would have been nice.
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I have the Carvex barrel grip and much prefer it over my other D Handle.  Much better control with the barrel grip. 

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thanks for the help!
think i made a good choice.

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With the barrel grip the speed can be set to automatic so that it throttles up under load and eases off at the end of a cut.


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I also prefer barrel grip because it feels to be more connected to the cut and easier to control.
Also the D-Handle part on the PSB/C felt too thin and uncomfortable. :)

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I think D-Handle (PSB version) is great when you eg. have to cut 2x4 repeatedly (many but short cuts), while the barrel grip (PS version) is great when you do cutouts and similar (less but longer and non-straight cuts).