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Parfitt Inspired MFS Storage
« on: March 05, 2018, 06:24 PM »
I have a MFS and had one for a while. Bought it to set my WC on as i got tired of removing it off my CT everytime I need to empty the bag.
So I was sitting around the shop looking for something to do. I saw some 1/2 baltic birch and 6mm ply looking bored. So  I walked over to my MFS opened the bottom drawer and there was nothing in it. hmmm I thought same with the shelf above it.
So I remembered my friend Peters video on storage and I thought why not build aorgaiser for the drawer and some cubbies for the shelf.
I thought about thinks I would use if I didnt walk to the back of the shop to get. So I built a organizer for the drawer. Just put a few things in it got them out of drawers across the shop and on shelves and put them in the MFS. In the cubbies I put a few bit. The cubbies are accessible from either side of the MFS.  I put just a couple of bits in the cubbies. What Im doing now is waiting til my next project then start filling the MFS with bits. The organisers are expandable meaning I can add dividers to fit other bits.
Like most of my things nothing special not fancy but functional. I also moved my 8 drawer sortainer set it on the MFS. It holds things like pencils, qwas dogs, glue brushes, collins clamps. I still have empty drawers to fill on it to.

Now for my friends in the UK. Here is a photo of my garden I took today around 11:30. Hehehehehe enjoy weather.  hehehehe
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