Author Topic: The new Cleantec connectors, idea for a fix for dust accumulation  (Read 778 times)

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As fodder for thought: I see regular complaints about dust getting trapped inside the new cleantec connector grooves, to be released when detaching the connection... I wonder if a small relief cut here and there (on the connector, allowing a slight amount of side air to travel through the connection) could be helpful to disencourage dust from entering into these grooves.

Basic idea is to turn the outside (room air) into sealing air for the connector - suction loss from this should be relatively low so the amount of dust that might not be collected from the tool will still be lower than the amount that is released on disconnect.

I thought I, prior to destroying some of these in the name of science, ask around if others have already followed this line of thinking. What do you guys think?

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Re: The new Cleantec connectors, idea for a fix for dust accumulation
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It would reduce suction efficiency, if only by a small amount, but I guess that if it worked, it would make an annoying hiss at the connector.

Of course it is ridiculous that we are driven to this by such a flawed design.  The fix is simple - Festool should ditch the whole concept and revert to the tried and tested connectors.