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Called Festool today to purchase a replacement Classic Sys 4 because I damaged my systainer for the VAC SYS SE 1 clamping module and they DO NOT sell the Classic systainer anymore even as a replacement.  Kinda funny they are selling new USA version VAC SYS in a Classic systainer and do not support replacement Classic systainer.  Remember this VAC SYS is $1,325 plus another $360 for the SYS Accessory Set.  I have all T-LOC except my January 2018 VAC SYS purchase.... Classic and T-LOC do not play well with each other......enough of the compatibility rant.   Festool told me that the VAC SYS SE 1 will fit into a T-LOC and can purchase T-LOC sys 4 with no problem, yes it will with some minor modifications to the insert. OK, one down for the conversion to T-LOC.

Now lets move on to the SYS Accessory Set that comes in a CLASSIC SYS 3, the interior dimensions of the Classic systainer is larger across the front than the T-LOC version,  has any one converted the SYS Accessory Set to a T-LOC version if so how did you do it.  The insert seems to be glued to the bottom of the systainer or such a tight fit that removing it will certainly damage insert.  The T-LOC dimension is less to accommodate the (T-LOC) and the Classic Systainer is straighter the across the front.  Also the Vacuum cups just fit into the Classic systainer even rotated slightly to fit.  My other option is to find a Classic SYS 4 for sale and keep my VAC SYS as an anomaly to all the other T-LOC systainers.  SYS Accessory Set conversion to to do it?  Thanks

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Re: VAC SYS Clamping CLASSIC Systainers How to convert to T-Loc
« Reply #1 on: May 16, 2018, 09:12 PM »
I actually put the three smaller heads in a Sys1.  I made a set of inserts for them to cradle them.  I leave the larger head on the Vac-Sys when it's i the Systainer.  Saves space.  I never bought the original Sys 3 set - ended up acquiring them individually as I was not sure I'd need all of them.  Turns out I use them all.

Not sure what it would take to move the classic insert to the T-loc.  I have done it on other tools with some slight cuts.  I would think they might use double-stick tape rather than glue to hold it in place, but don't really know.

I can share my Sys1 approach if you are interested.  I can take photos when I am home -

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Re: VAC SYS Clamping CLASSIC Systainers How to convert to T-Loc
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I was disappointed to receive my SE1 and SE2 sets in classic systainers - they are only partially compatible with the T-Locs. Storage of the units in systainers anyway is not ideal - the foam moulding holding the unit is tight so you cannot just lift the unit out of the systainer without wrestling the systainer as well.

I realised that unless I was going to be transporting the vac-sys kit (which I am not), it didn’t need to be in systainers at all, so I happily ebayed them.

I have in any case now fixed the units to steel plates so they will hang off my workbench and I just keep the units on the shelf under my workbench which makes deployment very easy. (I’ll post up some details including modification of the rather clunky vac hose layout when I get a chance)