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Re: 18V Impact driver
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if they make it possible to make it under 130db. i try my best to never use one cause it scares the kids and cats.

Im running a milwaukee surge, it is a really great tool. The advertising is true. Its more quiet AND it actually runs screw better
helper: i used a festool "circular saw" to do something simple and it made it really hard

me: exactly, it makes simple cuts complicated and complicated cuts simple

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Re: 18V Impact driver
« Reply #31 on: November 20, 2017, 05:43 PM »
Henrik, have you eyed the new 3 speed Metabo that replaces the BS/SB 18 LTX BL and BS/SB 18 LTX BL QUICK?
I believe it is the BS/SB 18 LTX-3 BL and BS/SB 18 LTX-3 BL QUICK.   :o

My local Metabo dealer finally got some new/newish Metabo stuff in (actually, they got in new angle grinders, last year...the
first new Metabo stuff there in years...not the fault of the store..) and now I get it.  Their new cordless range of the last few years seems leagues ahead of their prior power tools.   The only drill there similar to yours was the tapping drill that came out last winter. 
It was really nice.   And it totally made that electronic whine noise that you referred to as a constant beep.    [big grin]

I did finally buy a FEIN ASCM last week!  the 18, not the 12.  [big grin]
It wasn't for me.   I was about to put the A18 (with an additional purchase of a 110V charger and compact batteries)
on my next drill to try list; but I found out about the 3 speed Metabo and...well... 3,800 rpms.   

All that said; the PDC and T18 still do everything I need. :0

I haven't seen it in the flesh - I do think a three speed drill with three _useful_speeds would be sweet! I ended up not keeping the ASCM 12 though I loved much about it. Too  bad the ASCM 18 didn't pan out. 

The Mafell A18 is a superb machine but I still think Festool is on top for delicate driving so I still run the T18/C18 at times.

I think you might happily replace the PDC with an Impact if/when it surfaces. I really look forward to one as I think the speed/gear on the Festool drills are a little off for some of what I do. The A18m drives screws in high gear as well as the T18 at low gear. The Festools are better geared in high gear for smaller screws and are easier to manage when driving small to medium screws where the A18m is prone to just send them in a little too fast  [eek]. For larger screws the A18m is a delight. Zip zip done...  8)

And yeah, Metabo has seriously upgraded their line up. Still some gaps to fill but most are solid performers! Did NOT like the drywall drill so I ended up getting a Festool which I really like, it is just a 2500 speed one but it handles really well and has useful innovations (impuls for pulsing in protruding screws).

Lots to choose from nowadays huh?  [smile]

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Line up has been reduced with the introduction of Mafell/Metabo tools. Red Green and Blue do mix well in the shop.