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Title: Festool 120 volt and cordless Pd 18/4 Drill
Post by: Alec Buscemi on September 10, 2017, 01:26 PM
The original 220 v corded drill and its cousin Festool  DR 18/4 E are no longer  on the festool website. It would be light weight, short, stalky, c handle, integrated bit holder, overly lit boss of drills with a very long plug it cable, which feeds the new batteries of the cordless sanders. It would have a brushless motor, and the full range of torque control, a spindle brake, and a bull gear low for tomato paste and meat grinding applications.  heck I'd give it an sds plus detachable chuck with the linear impact in the chuck as well. I would price point it well higher than the BHC 18. 

This drill would be perfect for stirring and mixing paint, cement, mud, Portland, grout,  day long hole saw cutting , tapcon drilling and screwing, drywall screwing, with the occasional rebar/bolt hole drilling thrown in