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Suggestion for new drill accessory: Fastfix hole saw arbor
« on: February 21, 2008, 02:23 PM »
[I copied this from the 'Jigs, Inventions, Tool Enhancements' forum--I think I should have posted it here originally. Perhaps one of the moderators can delete the other copy?]

I was using a hole saw on a C12 drill, and was thinking that with all of Festool's interchangeable chucks, it's silly to have all the mass (and length) of a chuck and an arbor between the drill motor and the work.

So I'd love to see something like this: <another company>'s hole saw arbor, but with the hex shaft lopped off the back, and a FastFix collar in its place, so that the arbor would attach directly to the drill--the hole saw would end up being only an inch or so in front of the attachment plate on the drill motor.

I emailed the suggestion to, but the response I got said

that product can still be used with our keyless chuck. Also, the output shaft of the motor is a ?? hex drive and you can also attach it directly there.

which suggests to me that whoever read my email didn't get the idea.

Anyone else to whom this would be useful?
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