Author Topic: Need advice for First time Fuji hvlp spray, cornhole boards with polycrylic  (Read 1248 times)

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I recently made some cornhole boards (USA bag toss game) finishing them with a combination of water based stain (wiped on) and paint (rolled on). I Just ordered a Fuji mini-mite 4 system and plan to try it for spraying minway semi-gloss polycrylic, likely spraying outside. I have a few questions:
1. Does a 1.3 needle size sound OK with no thinning of the polycrylic? 
2. When spraying, typically how long between coats? I assume it dries pretty quickly sprayed.
3. How long can I leave it in the gun/cup before cleaning out (between coats)?

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The 1.3 should be fine. Make sure you mix the product well.

1/2 hour if I recall correctly (been awhile since I used PloyCrylic).

Relieve pressure from gun/cup, pull trigger, use a water soaked tooth brush on the nozzle as the trigger is pulled, release trigger. use the turbine hose to blow the air cap area dry. The product in the cup can go overnight, the nozzle gets crusty if you don't clean it between sprays.


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I used the 1.0mm tip with Minwax Oil Modified Poly Satin with a 4-stage Fuji because its viscosity was so low.  I can vouch for the aircap, stuff sticks like glue, I learned that the first thing off the gun and into some water!  I've left the product in a capped PPS cup for several days but clean the gun fully every time.
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