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Re: Help on Spraying BM Advance
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I’d guess your paint was reacting with the primer or fillers you’ve been using. Either way it’ll be interesting to find out what the fix is.

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Good morning,
No it wasn't the primers as I had used different types and ruled that out a long time ago. No fillers being used. The primer I do use is Duralaq Undercoater.


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Re: Help on Spraying BM Advance/Regal select
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I changed the name of the thread to better reflect what I have been going through with these paints from BM.


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Re: Help on Spraying BM Advance/Regal Select
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Looks great. So what did you do different this time?

This thread was moved to the Member Projects folder because I was not able to see it anyore in the Finishing & Painting folder.

Anyway. Well as many of you know, along with BM Advance I was also trying to spray BM Regal Select and this paint, which is really thick, has proven to be more of a challenge then Advance.

Well, by thinking outside the box and ignoring common HVLP turbine rules, I believe I have figured out how to spray BM Regal Select pearl Finish. I have tried 5 test panels and all of them look like the one in the photo. The pencil is there so the camera had something to focus on as the surface is too smooth. This is after 5 hours of drying.

- John

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Re: Help on Spraying BM Advance/Regal Select
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Hi Alan and John,

Let me first start off by saying, holy crap what a journey this was. Five months, 9 gallons of paint, sleepless nights and a stressed out wife. All of this for a client that wants no VOC LEED certified paint and is extemely picky about colour.

As you know, I have tried switching paint manufactures and matching the BM Color 2111-50, Stone Harbor, but have had no success with the colour. So, I was stuck and determined to figure out how to spray this BM Regal Select Pearl sheen. This paint dries so quickly that even brushing and rolling is a challenge.
Now what did I do different? Lots of stuff.

1) Spray Booth - I re-designed my spray booth to incoporate an air chamber with variable speed fans and so I can control air flow much better. Also, added a half door on the booth so to be able to direct the flow of air.

2) Environment - I don't know where you are, but where I live, just north of Toronto, we are experiencing winter and the air is extremely dry and starved for humidity. They say the best conditions for paint to flow and dry properly is 70 degrees farenheit and 50% humidity. We have approx 25% humidity thus making the paint dry faster and not having a lot of time to level out. Even putting on 5-6 wet mils was not enough. So I needed to keep this is mind when planning my attack.

3) Turbine HVLP rules - "Thick paint, thin 10% water, 10% Floetrol, #4, #5, #6 needle, 4 stage or 5 stage turbine" was probably the most common recommendation(s) I received from multiple blogs, web site, emails, text and phone calls. Spraying is definitely an art and a science and once you figure out the science the art portion is different for each individual. Due to so many factors in spraying, what works for one person may not work for someone else. I tried every recommendation that I received and was not able to figure it out. So it was time to think outside the box.

4) Equipment - I have tried Airless with multiple FFLP tips and was never able to get a finish I liked. Now, it may be because the panels were lying flat and they were drying so quick that they didn't have time to level out. Sprayed a couple vertically and they looked good. So Airless was ruled out for this paint and spraying flat. I also, tried pressure pot with no success. So I ended up using my turbine HVLP system. I used, a Fuji Q5 with approx 50' hose. No whip hose as my second hose is extremely flexible and maintains a large internal diameter, unlike the Fuji whip hose which is smaller. The gun is a Fuji T75G with the PPS cup on it and the needle size I used was 0.8mm. Yes, the smallest needle Fuji makes. I have actually asked them to make me a 0.6mm needle for more testing.

4) The Paint - I will talk about BM Regal Select in this thread and Advance on another thread. Why this paint. As mentioned on previous threads, I have tried other manufactures and paints, Kem Aqua, PPG Breakthrough, Valspar 5102, SW Emerald Urethane paint and BM Advance. No one was able to match the colour perfectly. Everyone had a red hue to it, where the Regal Select has a green hue. The colour is Stone Harbor 2111-50, pearl sheen. The client was never happy with the colour matching and because this project requires brushing and rolling, it was crucial to use the same paint for everything. I talked to a Master Finisher that I met and he too would never spray a lacquer based paint on cabinet doors if it was to close to another type of paint of the same colour. They, the two type os paint, will yellow, if any, at a different rates. The client does know, and accepts, that the finish surface between the sprayed doors and brushed/rolled cabinets and trim will look different.
I have used this paint on earlier projects with great success, but BM has change the formulation about 15 times over the last 18 months which has resulted in difficulty when spraying.
Again, why am I using “wall paint” for cabinet doors? Well if you look at the TDS for this paint, it is recommended for walls, trim, doors and cabinets. When this paint dries, it is hard and takes abuse. If it can handle the abuse on doors, baseboards and trim, it will surely stand up to the non-abuse cabinets doors get. I have had no call backs from clients over the last couple of years.

Need to get a glass of wine. Back soon.

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