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Forum Stats
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If you are interested in gazing at all kinds of information about the group activity, check out the "Forum Stats" feature, which you can access from the main page.

Just scroll down to the "Forum Stats" area.  You'll see the basic information right away, such as...
- Total Number of Posts and Topics in the forum
- Total number of Members, and the name of the latest member
- The title of the latest post in the forum
- A quick click on "View the most recent posts on the forum" reveals an entire list of posts in chronological order.

But if you want to see even more, click on the "[More Stats]" link or the little pie-chart icon:

This opens up the "Statistics Center," where you can see an amazing array of information about our forum.  It's almost too much to summarize, but here are some general categories:
- Popularity of various topics and boards by posting and viewing frequency
- Activity level of the most involved forum members
- Forum averages, including number of posts, topics, new members, number of people online per day, and more
- Monthly numbers on new topics, new posts, new members, most people online, and page views (hits).  This can then be expanded further to reveal stats for every single day.

There you go!

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