Author Topic: Posting a link to the Festool E-Kat (electronic parts catalog)  (Read 8186 times)

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It came up in conversation recently that there is an issue when attempting to post a link to the Festool E-Kat which is an online catalog of spare parts for our tools.  You can use the link below to link directly to a particular product.  Unfortunately, I don't think there is a simpler or easier way to do this.  Here is a direct link for the TS 55, for instance.

You must change the highlighted product number with the product number as listed in the E-Kat which is not the same as the catalog product number.  For instance, the T 15+3 cordless drill appears as product number 494659 in the E-Kat.  So, the direct link would be:

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Re: Posting a link to the Festool E-Kat (electronic parts catalog)
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Awesome Corwin... never noticed this thread the first time.  I could use this a lot.  Off to back-patch my blog links... d'oh!
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