Author Topic: How to report a post which may infringe the Forum Guidelines  (Read 4465 times)

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I'd like to take this opportunity to remind members that if they feel that another member has infringed the Forum Guidelines in some way, they can report a particular post to the Moderators by clicking on the "Report to Moderator" link at the bottom right of the offending message.

On receipt of such a report, the Moderators will always investigate the problem and will reply to the person making the complaint. Actions that might be taken include the editing or removal of the offending post, or for repeated or serious infringements of the forum guidelines (or when a large number of complaints have been received), the banning of a particular member.


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Re: How to report a post which may infringe the Forum Guidelines
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Thanks for pointing this out...I've read a few posts lately where I feel the spirit of the FOG has been misplaced somewhat and this will be useful to use.

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