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Last fall we gave away several limited-edition "90 Year" CXS drills. We have a few remaining, and we want FOG members to have four of them.

We’re going to do this a little different from other sweepstakes. (We want to make sure that non-FOG folks to hijack the competition.)

So here’s how you’ll enter: Reply to this thread and answer this question: What's the last project that you worked on using a Festool product? (Be sure to mention which tool(s) you used.)

It's just that simple. (No, you will not get multiple entries for multiple comments or mentioning multiple tools. One entry to person.) Winners will be randomly selected, so you don’t need to worry about the right/wrong answer. Just reply with your answer, and you’ll be entered.

A few more details:
Sweepstakes dates: Monday, June 6 - Monday, June 20 at 11:59 pm ET
Prize: Limited-edition CXS compact drill driver
Number of winners: 4
Eligible countries: United States and Canada
Click here for the complete rules and regulations

(Also, feel free to post non-entry replies/question/whatever to this thread. We'll gather all qualifying entries at the end.)

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I'll have a go at it!

I have tried to finish a family kitchen project and have made some good progress lately.  I have updated the doors, drawers and paint for the entire kitchen.  Here are a few pics of the end panels I did this weekend:



Tools used:
OF1400 (in table and with MFS)
ETS 150
RO 90
PDC 18

I am doing a write up on another page, but hey... who couldn't use a shiny new CXS!!

Cheers.  Bryan.
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I did a composite deck last summer,
Using my Ts 75 to trim the decking was so easy and accurate.

The other was a oak handrail I did last week. Used my baby domino to join the rail.
Again real easy.

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Yeah! I just finished a new pantry last week for my Wife and the storage of new baby stuff as we just found out we're having a baby! My kitchen is small and the only place I could put this is above an air return register between my kitchen and dining room. The idea is a cabinet on legs though the legs are for appearance only as the carcass is held in place with fasteners to studs. For this project I used my....
MFT-3 and

All told this is my own design with turned legs and false runners and the bottom cabinet is a small root cellar for potatoes and onions. Material used was cabinet grade Baltic birch 3/4 and 1/4 plywood and Poplar. Metal screen was used for the floor of the root cellar. The face frame and doors were made using floating tenons and dowels. Finish is Danish Oil. Thanks for the awesome giveaway!
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Good idea!

I built a garage locker unit out of plywood and maple. I cut ask parts with the ts55 and Kapex and sanded the unit with my RO125.

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Can I make a suggestion?

When such competitions/sweepstakes are run, could it not be in collaboration with @Phil Beckley in the UK/Europe to open the entries up to a wider FOG audience? After all I believe it was noted in a previous thread that non-US members actually outnumber US members now...
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Congratulations on the new baby.

What is the screen for in pic number 4 ?
Is that for the root veggies you said?

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Awesome idea and contest!

I used a borrowed TS 55 pretty extensively in my basement remodel a couple years back.  That exposure to Festool has convinced me of the tool quality.  I'm preparing to make my first purchase (sander and dust collector) to refinish windows, trim, etc. before the end of the month.

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Hopefully this entry doesn't get disqualified due to lack of pictures. I have some on my smugmug account, it's just a PITA to post those via a mobile device.

Anyway, I'm nearly done refinishing a room for my MIL where we discovered termite damage. That set off a cascade of events which postponed my Sawstop acquisition for a while. The carpet finally got installed yesterday and I'm assembling the furniture this week. So glad the construction is done! 

Festool's used: Kapex, ETS EC 150, DTS 400, OF2200 (not in a CMS), CMS (not with a 2200), Carvex, Syslite, CXS, C15.

What would I do with another CXS?  Give the Festool bug to an unsuspecting friend of course!  :)

Edit - I forgot the obvious...a CT26 and Mini as well!  :P
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The last project I did with a Festool tool was to cut a rectangular plywood panel to be mounted to the back of a bathroom closet door.  The panel will hold a wire rack and some hooks.  The flat panels of the door are too thin to mount something, hence the added thicker panel.

I used the TS55 track saw and my MFT/3 table.  (And two types of MFT dogs.  Those things are handy!)

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Built a bedroom full of storage cabinets with shaker style panel doors and prefinished maple plywood interiors.

Used my TS55, domino, OF1400, mfk700, LR32, csx90, Kapex 120, ct36

Who couldn't use another csx90?
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Great idea. I'm just finishing up some smaller walnut slabs for some lamp projects. Festools used included the OF2000 router to flatten and rout in some patches, the TS75 to cut to size and the ETS150/3 for sanding. The CT22 for dust control.

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Building corner media center. Using lr32, MFT, TS55, 1400 Router. Domino, and Kpex

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My most recent project was pretty minor, installed a room of engineered flooring using my TS55, MFT3 and CT mini.

Thanks for the chance.

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Built a router table stand using the domino, ct, and csx.
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My last build was a small casket for a pet!  It made my wife feel better about her loss.  [wink]  I used the OF1400, ETS 150, RO 90, and CTS 22.

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Completing a closet organizing unit for our master bedroom closet which had only white wire shelving.  I used my TS55, parallel guides, MFT3, and RO125, in addition to my non festool router table.  Cabinets are 8' high.  For some reason I am unable to attach a photo at this time.

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A cabinet for under my router table to store all my router tools and accessories . . . I used the TS55, MFT/3, OF1400 with the track to cut drawer bottom grooves, the VacSys, ETS150/5, ETS125EQ, CT48, and the MFK700.

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Built modern style platform bed. Sapele with oil and wax finish. Used TS75 for all cutting.
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I used my TS55, MFT/3, CT26 and RTS 400 for a tablesaw station with storage.
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TS 55, (2) 1400 Guide Rails, 1900 Guide Rail, MFT/3, Domino DF 500, 2 domino systainers, ETS 150/3, RO 90, CT 26, (2) OF1400, RO 150. RTS 400, LR 32 set, PS300 jigsaw, 3 abrasive systainers, (2) sys toolbox, (2) sys mini, clamps and other accesories

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The latest major project was building all the cabinets and milling all the trim for our new home.  I used pretty much every Festool I own for this, but the ones that got the biggest workout were:  TS55EQ with CT22, CMS with OF1400, LR32 with OF1010, MFT, ETS150/3, RS2E, ETS EC150/3, Rotex RO150, Syslites (I have 5), CTMini, Kapex, CXS, T18, PDC, DF500, Vecturo, and SysRoll. 

Pic is one taken during installation of Kitchen cabinets- CT Mini and Syslite made the photo.

I have Festools- Big and Small and a few other tools

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I made a vacuum station to store my CT MIDI and UDD inside, with pegboard sides to hold various hoses and adapters.

Festools used:
DF500; OF1400; ETS125; CXS; installer Kit;  Kapex

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I used the TSC55, the CXS, and a C15 to modify, assemble, and install a small flat pack kitchen cabinet for my Mother-In-Law.

Mike A.

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Made a mounting adaptor for an RV Antenna.

Use the Vac-Sys vacuum clamp, CSX drill  and the Triton jigsaw
Greg Powers

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Built a support table/framework for my new n-scale model railroad layout.  Used the Kapex & CT26  to cut the legs (styles) and cross members (rails) for framework.  Used my TS75, various guide rails and MFT/3 to break down 1/2" ply for shelves and ; used my Trion PSB 300 to notch out shelving to fit around the legs.

Great fun doing this type of thing.

KS12 EB Kapex with Delta Folding Table & FastCap Best Fence; TS75 EQ with Parallel Guide Rail Set (FS-PA 495717 & FS-PA-VL 495718) and FS 800/2, 1080/2, 1400/2 LR32, 1400/2, 1900/2 Guide Rails, and Betterly SLC23 Straight Line Connector; DF500 Q with Assortment Systainer; OF1010 EQ with Fine Adjuster for Guide Stop, WA-OF Angle Arm, UP-OF Edging Plate and SF-OF Chip Deflector (486242); OF1400 EQ with OF1400 Dust Hood x 2, OF 1400  Edge Guide x 2, OF 1400  Guide Stop; LR32 Set; PSB399 EQ; EHL65 E; RAS115.04 E; RS2 E; ETS150/3 EQ; RO150 FEQ; Hand Sanding Block Set; CT26 with assortment of AS and Non-AS Hoses; MFT/3 Table x2; SysLite; Assortment of Quick & Screw Clamps, Consumables, Dogs.

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I built a miter saw stand with my TS 55 REQ track saw. I also made a clamp rack with my Domino 700XL. I can't remember which one I finished first.

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Even more fun on the Owner's Group!

Built a round frame for a round metal relief of a tree.  The frame started out as an octagon with the pieces joined courtesy of a Domino.  That was my first ever Festool project.

I'm currently building a set of wall-hung end table using the Domino and a new ETS 150/3 EQ sander and CT 36 dust collector.  That's the subject of another post:
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Children's table and chairs. Plans courses of the Woodwhisper.

Tools used:
PS 300
OF 1400
ETS 125

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I recently finished a Harvey Ellis inspired, quartersawn white oak, twin bed for my son.   I utilized my Kapex, both Dominos, ETS150, RO150, OF1400, TS55, and CT 26.  Fun project!

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I just finished making a side mount platform for my new Vac-Sys. I used my CXS and my T15 along with acouple of other no Festool tools.

Jack Lemley