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Re: Win the new TS 55 REQ!
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I think that was asked earlier in this thread, or another one about the sweepstakes.

We're not going to publish information about the number of entries, plus it varies from month to month. I can say that several winners recently I noticed had entered 5+ months. So, entering every month is a way to increase your odds, as well as completing the optional second step with your address, etc.

Your odds if you don't enter are zero.  [big grin]

No, the odds are the same if the number of entries are the same.


Your odds of winning the specific month you enter are the same if you only enter once.  However, if you enter every month, your odds of ever winning increase.

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Mathematically, you do not increase the odds because you enter every month. Just like you don't see a mathematical difference in flipping a coin for heads or tails multiple times to get one or the other. The odds remain 50% for either heads or tails no matter how many times you flip the coin.

The same holds true for sweepstakes and lotteries. The odds don't change, you just have NO odds if you don't enter. Same chance every time if the number of entries remains consistent.

To illustrate, I once sat at a baccarat table in Reno, Nevada and watched the winner go to the Player side 17 times in a row...even though the "odds" favor the banker side.

Now... I don't need the jigsaw, so if someone wants to give me their entry, I'll take the CT36 and give  you the jigsaw if I win!  That truly DOES double my odds!  ;D

We're really debating over semantics, but it's entertaining, so we'll keep it going.

We are in agreement that the odds of winning a specific month are constant regardless of how many months you enter (assuming constant # of entries).

However, if there are 12 sweepstakes in a year, your odds of winning *something* that year are significantly higher if you enter all 12 sweepstakes vs only entering one.
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