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Information About Gallery Photos
« on: May 04, 2008, 11:08 AM »
The forum Gallery allows a lot of information to be displayed about the photos.  If you open a photo in the Gallery, not only do you see the phot itself, you also can see this information:
- File Size
- Date it was added to the Gallery
- Dimensions of the photo (pixels)
- Number of times photo has been displayed (viewed)
- Date and time original photo was captured
- Date and time photo was digitized
- ISO number
- Make of camera used to take the photo
- Model of camera used to take the photo
- Software (if any) used to edit the photo

Of course, if you are not interested in this kind of information, you can ignore it.  But for those of you looking to improve your photography skills, or just wanting to learn more about what equipment and settings people are using to create and edit their photos, this can all be very useful.

What I list above is just a small fractio of the information that is possible in the Gallery.  I can enable numerous other pieces of information about each photo.  Below is a quick rundown of what else is possible.

These are all currently turned off.  I want to hear from members if you would like to have any of these details turned on:
- AF Focus Position   
- Adapter   
- Color Mode   
- Color Space   
- Components Configuration   
- Compressed Bits Per Pixel   
- Contrast   
- Customer Render   
- Digital Zoom   
- Digital Zoom Ratio   
- Exif Image Height   
- Exif Image Width   
- Exif Interoperability Offset   
- Exif Offset   
- Exif Version   
- Exposure Bias   
- Exposure Mode   
- Exposure Program   
- Exposure Time   
- FNumber   
- File Source   
- Flash   
- Flash Pix Version   
- Flash Setting   
- Focal length   
- Focus Mode   
- Gain Control   
- IFD1 Offset   
- ISO Selection   
- ISO Setting   
- Image Adjustment   
- Image Description   
- Image Sharpening   
- Light Source   
- Manual Focus Distance   
- Max Aperture   
- Metering Mode   
- Noise Reduction   
- Orientation   
- Quality   
- Resolution Unit   
- Saturation   
- Scene Capture Mode   
- Scene Type   
- Sharpness   
- White Balance   
- YCbCrPositioning   
- X Resolution   
- Y Resolution

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