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GoFundMe 2016
« on: December 24, 2016, 12:20 PM »
In keeping with the holiday spirit, I ran across some of the results of GoFundMe for 2016.

There were over 25 million donors worldwide, which helped 2 million causes.  [big grin]  The U.S. alone contributed $1.14 billion.  [thumbs up]

$384,260 raised for Fidencio the paleta man
By starting a GoFundMe for Fidencio, an 89-year-old paleta vendor still working on the streets of Chicago, Joel and Joe were able to help this hardworking grandfather finally rest and retire.

$21,365 raised to help Saleem shine shoes again
After a taxi ran a curb and struck Saleem, the situation looked grim for this dedicated shoe shiner. But thanks to a kind customer's GoFundMe, Saleem got the help he needed to recover.

$341,976 raised for Chauncy's Chance
When he met a hungry teen in a grocery store, Matt knew he wanted to help. Little did he know that the GoFundMe he'd start for Chauncy and his mom would help them buy a house and start a new life.