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Re: Help me plan my new shop.
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If the garage has a crawl space, then technically it is not a garage where you can park your car.  Therefore, it may be detrimental to the sell of the house in the future.  You may want to consult with a Realtor.

Insulating under the concrete slab is a great idea.  It will help improve the efficiency of heating and not add to much cost.
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Re: Help me plan my new shop.
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If the garage has a crawl space, then technically it is not a garage where you can park your car. 

That all depends on the design and engineering, but it would sure kill the budget. If doing it that way I'd go whole hog and make it a full basement, in fact that's what I'm currently designing for my future shop/garage/giant wine cellar  [big grin]

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Re: Help me plan my new shop.
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If the garage has a crawl space, then technically it is not a garage where you can park your car. 
That's why I'd put a garage slab in and then float a floor on top with just enough room for services. Should you leave the new owner can choose to pullout the floor and use as a garage

Re: Help me plan my new shop.
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I'm building an ~1800 sq ft structure on my property.
I'm in San Diego, CA.
Designed so that it can have 1300 sq ft of shop space with an office on top...and also so that it can be converted to habitable space (the top has kitchen/shower/etc) for renting as a 4 bedroom house.
Two stories.
Many regulations for maximum square footage allowed (on each floor!) by the city planning department.
1st floor shop, top floor office.  (or 4 bedroom house to be rented).

Here is my advice IN ORDER OF OPERATION:

Rushing into it you will miss a ton and it might cost you a ton.
However long you think its going to take...maybe multiply by 3 or more...and that is how long it probably will take...
Don't skimp on taking a LOT of time thinking through the design phase...maybe you won't kick yourself as much later.  Don't get to complicated, focus on the basics first... (access/size/openings/location/configuration of load bearing walls and foundation etc).  Some things ARE set in stone---an architect can guide you better than thinking on your own...unless you have a lot of experience architect QUADRUPLED the value I'm getting out of the project over what my initial ideas were for 2 years ago.

Read through all of the city or county codes that are applicable to your property...often people are surprised by limits for building additional structures on a lot.  Someone mentioned setbacks already...there also might be maximum sq ft limitations etc.

Permit fees
Get a realistic understanding of PERMIT FEES from that same city/county entity (I'm paying ~$25k in permit fees alone!)---I thought I would only be paying $5k but things just pop up especially when any work needs to be done for waste line.

Design Fees
GET A CLEARER UNDERSTANDING of architect and construction costs.  (I'd be surprised if you could architect and structural engineer on paper what the city/county will require yourself....really surprised)...even if you are building a box with a door...the way you have to show this to the beyond me and I tried for months...

Now you have an ESTIMATE of cost.
You know BASICS of what you can and can't build and how.
Then your next step is to get a really basic drawing (assuming you are just building a BOX) from your architect for bidding (Don't waste your and your contractor/sub's time bidding if you don't even know what/if you can build and how yet!).

Once you have this basic drawing that meets code as far as you know...then get a rough bids and contact your utility company about upgrading your panel.

So far you should have spent VERY little money.

Now is the time to pull the trigger for cash outlays on this project.  You've got your bids from architect/structural engineer/subs.

If all still looks promising (DOUBLE CHECK ALL YOUR FIGURES  that were in the rough bid and then add 30% margin  and see if that still works...the margin is ther because things CAN go wrong and often do so can you afford to finish if something does? better or don't start yet or you could be in the hole)...Still want to move forward?

THEN you start dropping money..starting with the architect and structural engineer getting realy plans together for city submission---finalize a design idea---they do the real drawings and calcs etc.

Have your favorite bidding contractors stay in the loop at this point for advice on how any significant changes made to the plans might change cost on the bid.

Submit to city. (paying again here thousands most likely)

Wait a month or more.

Corrections back to architect/engineer from the city...wait another month maybe for them to fix and get past the city's watchful eyes.

Pay your permit fees (maybe some more thousands) and pick up your permit and approved plans (did I mention it costs a ton to print those plans?).

Get your final tight bids now on those plans---carefully sort through and make sure the analysis you are doing is comparing apples to apples between bids.

Good luck working with those inspectors on build it yourself!


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Re: Help me plan my new shop.
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Hi Eric,

I really enjoyed your videos on the cabinet build and LR32 set up. You are very generous with your time.

I recently built an ICF home about 3 hrs north of Toronto. My shop is currently in the basement, but I will be building a separate structure this year. I have 3" of Nudura foam under the entire house, but I would now go to 4".

If you are planning on doing radiant heat (I did, it is very comfortable and has lots of other benefits), it is critical to understand and contruct a proper building envelope, for your area and soil conditions.

Here is a link that I found very helpful. There are lots of best practices for foundations, floors, walls etc - you'll find something that comes close to your situation.

If you would like to chat over the phone, send me a PM and I would be happy share my experiences with you.


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Re: Help me plan my new shop.
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  Let me start off with a huge   THANK YOU   to all the FOG members who have taken the time to give their advice.

 I'm pumped about getting it done and I'm currently setting it up.   It took me longer then I've expected to build it.

I worked  on it mainly on the weekends.  So it took me 6 months to get-r-done.

My brother-in-law Dave was a tremendous help.  He and I took a bunch of pictures during the building process.  I used the pics to make this video. 

SKIP TO THE 8:10 mark for the pictures and  to pass all the boring talking I'm doing.   


Here are some pics.....

It's a 26' X 26' structure.   Made with 2x8 metal studs.  Metal trusses.   A ton of insulation.   I think I have a R rating of 50 in the attic space.  The walls have about a R 38.   A small electric heater heats the place up.  I have it on the low setting and it's been 68*.  A little to hot for my liking.    Eight,  8 foot florescent lights with 4 bulbs per fixture.  Very bright !   

Hope you crazy dudes have a Merry Christmas and a safe New Year !   

Be good to yourself,  get off the FOG and GO MAKE SOMETHING !      LOL !


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Re: Help me plan my new shop.
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@erock - great job, now the fun really starts!

PS - we all saw right thru your plan... you built the shop so you would have an excuse to buy the Vecturo for all those cutouts...  [poke]

Hope you are not like me, just when I got my dream shop built and mostly fitted out we decided to move. Cramming 3 cars worth of stuff into a 10 by 12 shed has been a challenge.

Enjoy it!

As of 10/17 I am out of the Dog business and pursuing other distractions. Thanks for a fun ride!

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Re: Help me plan my new shop.
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Hey @erock that's not a workshop, it's a work-shrine!! [wink] [big grin]

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Re: Help me plan my new shop.
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Shop looks great, a lot of hard work went into it. Are you going to paint the walls?  How many amps you bring?  All 110 or any 220? 

Enjoy it man you deserve it.

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Re: Help me plan my new shop.
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Hey Eric,

Really love your new Shop House!  All you need now is running water!  [big grin]

Looks like you've been busy since the video tricking things out with some new decorations and tool hanging space.  Nice!

Mike A.

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Re: Help me plan my new shop.
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Quote from Erock's original post >>>Well, I'm tired of having to move things around….so I've decided to look into building a 24 x 24 OR  26 x 26 garage in the back yard.   26 x26 is the largest outbuilding that I can build<<<

I think I missed this thread way back when...

Be careful with the close fit.  Be aware of the roof overhang.  When I built my barn, I had the surveyor give me the set backs.  On final inspection, about six inches of one corner of the roof (there was 18" of overhang) was 1-1/2" feathering to 0" of the roof framing.  I had to cut it back.  To be a real PITA, I had the surveyor mark a line to exact final cut and I stayed 1/2" off of that. I guess the BI was happy so did not give me any more hard time.


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Re: Help me plan my new shop.
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Excellent!  Nice setup! 

Hope you eventually paint the walls. 

Festool grey walls with a green 1' stripe all the way around at the power outlets would be killer!

You're going to love that space!

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Re: Help me plan my new shop.
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Hey Eric!
Everything looks great!!!  I see the drawer units are coming along very nicely. (Video coming?) I as well as many others love to follow progress of new shops and yours is so fun because of all of the green (and the red on the wall).  Enjoy every minute in that wonderful shop!!

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Re: Help me plan my new shop.
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Eric, that is one beautiful shop.  So neat and sooooo much space.  I am sure yu will have a lot of enjoyment in there.  Your use and thickness of insulation should mean future savings on heating bills.  I bet you can turn off the heat while working in here, even on the coldest days. Just a great job all around.

I finally got a little time to just sit and read thru this entire discussion.  As i was reading Christopher Robinson's description of all the legal aspects (EXPENSES)you need to consider before you even get started, I was reminded of my own experience when i wanted to build a barn.

My lot is "L" shaped and where I wanted to put the barn, I had to consider set back restrictions.  I drew up a plan and had a surveyor stake out boundary lines with legal setbacks staked so i knew how to place the structure.  To build to the size i wanted, i had to go to the zoning board for direction.  The ZB turned down my application with the advice to go to the ZB of Appeals. 

After quite lengthy discussion, one of the members asked me why I wanted to build a barn.  I had actually been doing business with the man for several years; and he, I am sure, knew of my own non conforming business.  Had I answered that I wanted to store my construction and landscaping supplies and equipment in the building, i am sure i would have been turned down. 

I replied that my hobby was woodworking and i wanted more space for my hobby.  "I am currently working in my very crowded basement and I can barely move around.  In fact, my wife is getting tired of my storing my bandsaw under our bed."  Everybody on the board burst out laughing as well as all of the spectators.

With no further questions, I was given the permit.

Wayne H. Tinker

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Re: Help me plan my new shop.
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Love the new shop.  Looks very functional.  Hope you get the walls painted!!

Brad T.