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Hey guys,

well I guess I will just get on with it, I am looking for a new gig.  I really want to get involved with someone who is a master craftsman, or at least someone who strives to turnout work that you would be proud to attach your name too.  I have always loved wood working, metal working, even done some very amateur blacksmithing. 
Someone who is doing high end remodels, custom builds for local business, meshing wood and metal together would be right up my alley and I believe I could be an asset long term.

I am an ASE certified technician, I hold a TIA national trainer certificate and numerous other certs in the automotive and tire field.  I "retired" from everyday work to pursue something different and got sucked into consulting because the money is too good but I am back to wanting something different and more out of my day. 

I have emailed numerous people looking for help but between not hearing back and honestly them failing the interview I havent found a fit yet.  I am not even asking for a large wage, I would be interested more in the education and earning enough to pay for gas and lunch.  I am not even looking for full time if that is an issue, I would take a day or 2 a week for now.  Couple months ago I just showed up on a jobsite and asked the trim guy if he needed a helper!  worked with him on that job and one other then he left to go back to Tennessee.

I have a standing offer for a tile setter/ granite installer but that has never interested me and I dont want them to think I just used them to find who was doing the cabinet installs or something like that.

If anyone here is in the denver metro area and needs a capable, smart, hard working guy with his own tools, a basic concept of lots of stuff, mechanical inclination, reliable transportation(seems to be a recurring theme in construction ads) and an all around great employee please shoot me a PM and lets talk.

thanks for reading,

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Good luck, Josh!
Just for today..

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Just wanted to give an update.  Still looking and trying to meet people who might know people that might be looking for a guy like me to help out. 

I did reach out to the wood whisperer as they talked about some help batching out stuff and I thought that would be cool to work and learn from a guy like Mark.  Hopefully I hear back from them.