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« on: May 13, 2016, 08:38 AM »
 I am taking a trip to Japan spending a couple of day's in Tokyo at the beginning and end with the majority along the Northwest coast .Akita ,Tohoku ,Sapporo ,Akan,Ikushima ,Hakodate . Going to be hiking and sightseeing .would like to know about any woodworking , boatbuilding. saltwater fishing , temple building. history , recommendations .  Tia  Chris

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Re: Japan
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the hybrid metal pantarouter is made in japan by an indian chap
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Re: Japan
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   I'm not sure what your Japanese is like, hopefully better than mine. But when I spent time there once you are out of the main business districts then the language barrier can be a real problem, a lot of pointing and hand waving.
  Tokyo in Spring is at it's best with all the blossoms out. It's a mad fantastic city on a scale like no other, with very polite people. Enjoy.