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« on: November 05, 2016, 04:38 PM »
Hey guys,
I decided this year to talk about my experience and do movemeber. I want to bring awareness to men about the importance of getting checked for cancer. I was diagnosed in July of 2015 with testicular cancer some of you will probably remember me posting about it back then. I was 30 years old married with 2 kids and nothing could have prepared me for finding out I had cancer. I have a co worker fellow cabinet installer that is going for surgery this month with prostrate cancer. Several friends of mine from a 6 year old to probably 60 years old are undergoing cancer treatments. I was very lucky to have found mine very early and didn't require any treatment besides removal. So many people have told me they thought it was embarrassing and they didn't get checked out when they first had a concern. On the fog we have had quite a few affected people some who fortanetly beat cancer and those who didn't and are missed.  The Movember foundation is raising funds to help beat cancer. If anyone feels compelled to donate to this charity my link is
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Re: Movemeber
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Welcome to the Survivors!  It looks like you are doing well, and lucky that if you had to have cancer you had one of the usually easiest to treat with the most positive outlook.  Like you I am also just half nuts.  For me two years post chemo the day after Thanksgiving.

Guys really need to get regular checkups and I applaud you for supporting an organization devoted to help get that message out.

Stay well, hold your head high, and enjoy life!


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Re: Movemeber
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I have a appointment next week for my year and a quarter. It's much easier to talk about once you hit a full year than it was before then. Glad you are doing good and cheers to staying that way.
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