Author Topic: What was your first woodworking experience?  (Read 3581 times)

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Re: What was your first woodworking experience?
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Probably when I was about 8 or 9 back in the mid 60s. I belonged to our local 4H club and also Scouts but in 4H we learned basic woodworking and electrical stuff. Our WWing classes were at the boat shop down at the docks. This was an old place where they used to build boats but in the 60s that was gone and the shops sat empty most of the time. Mr. Knight owned the place and taught us how to use and care for hand tools, basic layout, and guided us on some simple projects.

The one project I remember making was a door stop. Real simple T-shaped style which we shellacked. I gave it to my Mom as a Mother's Day gift.

Last Christmas I was at my sister's house and noticed a wooden door stop holding a door open. I asked where did you get that and she said "Mom gave it to me". I told her I had made that 50+ years ago and she said she knew because Mom had told her. It had been about 40 years since I last saw it in my Mother's house. Next time I am there I will have to take a picture of it.

I also remember making a milk carton holder from wood and sheet metal, a small table top book rack from pine, and a electrical test light using a 230V lamp in a pigtail socket which we folded the pigtail leads back up on the bulb and secured them with friction tape with the leads spaced about 3/4 of an inch apart so they could be inserted in a receptacle. The light glowed dimly at 120v. Don't what happened to that. Last I saw it was the last time I moved and that was 21 years ago. No idea where it is now.
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