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Inexpensive tools that belong in your tool chest
« on: September 11, 2018, 08:19 AM »
There's some great tools out there that don't cost a ton.  I found this guy to be my "go to" tool when building a picket fence.  Under $20 and worth every penny.

Morakniv Craftline Carpentry Chisel with Carbon Steel Blade, 3.0-Inch

What are your favorites?
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Re: Inexpensive tools that belong in your tool chest
« Reply #1 on: September 11, 2018, 11:04 AM »
Home made marking knife:  extremely low-level (i.e. razor-like) thin, narrow single-bevel angled blade @ one end, a sharp needle point (protected by wine corks) @ the other.

Blindman's calipers.  Used to have beautifully cheap ($5) but now unfortunately unreadable set of Spanish verniers for 40 years or so.  Modern digitals always need spare batteries as they never switch fully off!

Locking plier jaws multitool:  Vise Grip/Schrade "Toolbox" (pref), or as an alternative a Kershaw A100 or (least fav) Leatherman Crunch.  Multitool pliers are useless unless they lock!  A Spyderench is a useful but eccentric alternative twist on the "fixed/adjustable jaw" multitool concept.  Multitools are better on the belt than in the toolbox in my opinion.

Cheap Chinese alloy small roofing square for marking, measuring, right angle fixing & as an x-cut power saw guide.

Internal/external measuring tape:  for doorways, windows & recesses.  Metric only;  dual measures are foolish, & won't allow space for internal/external scales.

Laser disto (not so inexpensive, but a def. must-have for my everyday kit.  Love the pythagorean, square & cubic volumetric measure functions.  The ONLY reliable & accurate sole-operator measure.

Bahco ratchet screwdriver with bit caddy in the handle & switchable LED lights.

Voltstick:  a literal lifesaver!

Disposable earplugs.

3/4" mason's chisel.

70's vintage Stanley low angle block plane with wide lands (60 1/2A) for trimming, arrises, easing drawers, shooting miters etc.

Bahco/Sandvik Ergo folding pullsaw.
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