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Deck hand rail - compound angles / how to cut


I'm replacing my deck railing (2x material) with Timber Tech railing. One corner of the upper deck leads down 4 steps to a lower deck.  The steps / railing go down at about a 45 degree angle, and it also angles to the left at a 45 degree angle. I've got to really check these angles, but it's a close guess.  My question is: How do I cut the compound angles precisely without a compound miter saw. I'm sure I'm going to have to make some test cuts on 2x material before I cut the TT railing. Anyone else been through this?

If I am understanding your situation,.... you have to `return` from one before you can do the other, it is not truly a compound cut. if you are coming down your handrail, you have to bring it back to level before you can begin your  turn.

Never mind - decided not to use the Timber Tech. Just doesn't look heavy enough for our deck. Going back to a wood option. I still have the compound cut issue, but I've got to work out the layout before I seek advice. Time to learn Sketch Up.


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