Author Topic: What is this molding and what router bit would reproduce it please?  (Read 2503 times)

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I want to reproduce this molding profile/cut (see pic), but for the life of me after searching Whiteside site and looking at every darn bit (classic and every combination of ogee, fillet, bead, round over, cove) I can't seem to find what this is, let alone what it is called. They have plenty of cheap trim at the big box with the same cut, but I want to put this on my own wood.

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Also try CMT, Freud, and others.



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Take a look at small raised panel bits...

The Freud 99-061 might do the trick.  If you run your stock on the side instead of vertically it seems like a close match visually.


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Take a look at the freud #99-484

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Roman Ogee is what it looks like example
Different makes do alternative sizes. Some cabinet door moulding cutters use a similar design too.
Hope that helps you out.

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My advice
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you can try some of the sites listed - some manufacturers provide profiles of their bits.

Fox example, CMT has their list of bits:

Router bits - CMT Woodworking Tools

If you click on one of the bits, you get a picture of the profile - example for Roman Ogee:
Industrial router bits-Roman ogee router bits-CMT tools

Good luck

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Thanks everybody, that Freud #99-484 looks close enough to me! I'm seeing the same cut on our door and window trim as well (house built in 1890), so the bit could be useful for more than the one project. I do have a few ogee bits, but they are more "circular" in the radius. I was joking with my wife that if I had a $2000 set of hand molding planes I could recreate any profile, though with hours and hours of work!

P.S. I need to look at Freud more for router bits. I have almost all Whiteside and they are great, but I have had great experiences with Freud blades on my table saw.
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Festool #490127 could be something close to this:

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The closest I could find

Beading router bit

IMO your's looks like a custom elongated beading profile.


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Take a look at the freud #99-484

Yes, I have that bit to make some cherry baseboard to match my existing "colonial" baseboard from Homer's Depot.

You just have to tweak the height to get the top edge the correct thickness.