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Happy birthday Jay!
« on: April 13, 2018, 01:19 AM »
Hi everyone,

My friend Jay designed and built out a new state of the art TV post production facility in LA which was completed around in June 2016.  I am told that he wore a festool T-shirt every day for the 6 or 8 months that it took to build the place out.  Festool's were also used during construction and are still in use as needed for different modifications. 

When asked why Festool was so great he said that they were quality tools that did an incredible job, were designed and built well and that they were tools that would last. It's because of Jay that I drank the green kool aid and now own a decent amount of those familiar black and green tools.

Tomorrow is Jay's birthday and some of the guys that we work with and I thought it would be a fun if we surprised him by wearing our own Festool t-shirts as a warm and loving tribute.

Here is a picture of our crew.  Jay is kneeling in the front.

Happy birthday Jay! 


p.s.  Festool, Jay really deserves to have a button down Festool shirt to wear at the office now that construction is over!  Where can I buy one for him?

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Re: Happy birthday Jay!
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Happy birthday jay