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« on: April 21, 2018, 07:33 PM »
There will be an upcoming Roadshow less than an hour from my house.  It would be my first. What can I expect at one? I'm interested in some of the demos, especially a domino. 
Also I wasnt sure which forum to post this in.  Thanks.

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Re: Roadshow
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You should expect to see brief demos of most of the main tools.  The Domino is covered.  Depending on the crowd size you should also be able to spend some time with one of the Festool guys and gals giving you some more personalized attention. 

Don't be shy.  Ask them to show you what you are interested in.  They are there to help.


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Re: Roadshow
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I went to one in Chicago a couple of weeks back.

For Domino, they were demoing the new connector set for the 500.  Showing how to make a knock-down cabinet.

Had the Bluetooth remote and batteries.  Also had all the sanders, the Conturo and MFK for edge banding, the saws, the Vac Sys and the drills.  You could ask for a demo on just about any of the tools.   Pretty cool how the truck shows up, expands out on both sides and you have a full workshop.

They were giving away the latest catalog, a Festool bag, hat or T-shirt as well.

I'd suggest you get there early if possible as the crowd was not that bad at 9am.  It was at a Woodcraft.  I left the show trailer around 10 and spent some time in the store.  By 10:45, the trailer was pretty busy.  They had sandwiches, sodas and chips in the store getting ready for a lunch crowd.  Staffing included a crew of about 5-6 as I recall, and the truck driver who was handling registration and giving out the bags.  There was one woman from Germany who's been on tour for two years demoing Domino.  She was in construction before deciding to 'see North America' with Festool.  She did a nice demo and knew a fair amount about the tools.  Not 'Sedge' knowledgable but capable.  The other staff was familiar as I had seen several of them at FT Connect and a previous roadshow in Chicago a couple of years ago.

I didn't realize it, but they also go to the paint stores with a slightly different set of tools on display there.  The back of the truck is fully stocked with Systainers on Sys-AZ drawers.  I think they had just about every tool and accessory on the truck.  If you had questions, they could grab it.
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