Author Topic: What - non Festool - tool / workshop related gizmo/stuff did you buy today?  (Read 40368 times)

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@Peter Halle -

I had a Wedge Smart Level with 24 and 48" rails.  The level stopped working years ago and I pitched sensor and the 24" rail but forgot that I had the 48" rail..   Low and behold I go down in the shop just now and look up in the ceiling joists and there it is.  Dusted it off and think I might devise an insert to let my Wixey digital level be used with this over a 48" space. 

Could be fun project to make the insert with my Shaper!

Thanks for that inspiration!

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I only had the two footer...used to spring clamp it to a 72" extrusion to set doors.  Also clamped to 8'+ extrusions for installing automatic sliding door frames.  Lasers made that unnecessary.  Lasers also made stretching strings to check for plane obsolete.  Technology moves on.  Loving my Shaper, now I have to learn how to computer design and load.