Author Topic: What - non Festool - tool / workshop related gizmo/stuff did you buy today?  (Read 47253 times)

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Offline Brian Livingstone

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Bought a new Raimondi Exploit 70 wet tile saw.

I don’t really do enough tiling to justify the purchase but bought it anyway.

Made in Italy, has a Festool feel to it.  Tiling a bathroom floor this weekend, will try it out.

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Offline WillAdams

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After my last impulse buy (Wheeler Engineering gunsmith screwdriver set), I decided I wouldn't buy anymore cheap tools if there was any sort of alternative, and that I would begin systematically replacing the cheap tools I have.

Ordered a Grace USA Gunsmith 24 Bit Magnetic Tip Screwdriver Set to make up for the Wheeler purchase and a Sturtevant Richmont F80-10 Torque Wrench 0-80 in/lb 1/4" Dr. off eBay since it was a fabulous bargain.

Offline GoingMyWay

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I picked up a Woodpecker's 1281 square along with a 6" Incra t-rule and a hammerless nailset.

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