Author Topic: Who is the Festool or Woodworking (Hero) person you would most like to meet?  (Read 30717 times)

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Some of the FOGgers may know my half brother, Les Shafford, who had done work for Viscount Linlay and was so very passionate about his wood turning. He ran his own wood turning school in the south of England. Les passed away suddenly about a week ago but he was in his workshop doing what he loved best and knew nothing about what hit him.

Peter: Sorry for your loss.

... There are many who show such a great humor in their very informative presentations such as Paul Marcell and Peter Parfit, I know they would be enjoyable to meet (and have sampling of suds with)  ERock who is not afraid to show his mistooks but shows such great vids with a lot of valuable info in his vids.  ...

Tinker: I have met erock, and spent an enjoyable afternoon in his shop and house; well worth it, and he is exactly as he appears on his great video's. And I agree that it would be great to meet PaulMarcel and Peter Parfit. I'd also like to meet my fellow engineer Rick Christopherson, partly to find out why he is so much smarter and cleverer than myself! AND, I'd love to meet YOU, Tinker.

Regards, Dick

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Guido Henn would be an interesting guy to spend a few days with. My kayak building guru, Mark Rogers of Superior Kayaks, is one of those guys who exemplifies the 'simpler is better' approach. He can do more with ropes and knots than I can do with a rack full of clamps. A great teache who does skin-on-frame kayak building classes, four folks at a time, and you leave with a kayak designed for your body size and paddling skill level; in 9 days! Check out his website if you are so inclined:
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AND, I'd love to meet YOU, Tinker.

Regards, Dick

I've had that honour, and he's a real star! Every bit as you would expect, and then some.

Not that the other foggers I met weren't, they were great too!
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Guido Henn is one I have thought about since my previous post.(You beat me to it Greg) He has come up with some truly great ideas.  I have never understood a word he has spoken on any of his demo vids. My darling wife could interpret, but words are not necessary.  I come away from those views with a great education.  He does not have to speak in anybody's tongue, but he is so very explicit in getting his point across, even a complete moron would understand every move ... and remember.

For JRB:  That was a very enjoyable meeting, nearly an entire day short.  You and your girlfriend were great and she was so very upbeat.  She could be an inspiration to all of us. All who were there that day enjoyed a wonderful and memorable meeting.
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I would like to meet the guy who thought up the domino!
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I would like to meet the guy who thought up the domino!

There are many of us who believe in a Greater Being, called by different names but meaning the same to us all....

Well if you believe in a greater Festool being who guides the hands of the Festool designers, who gives comfort in times of need to the Festool staff and knows every word that is placed on the FOG then have faith that one day our chance will come to meet the Domino designer or maybe others like him...

It will not be in 2014 but could be in 2015.

Keep your fingers crossed!


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fingers crossed
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Karl Hungus who was involved in the Nihilismus Schule would be a blast to meet.
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Trust you Steve  [poke] [scratch chin]
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I grew up watching Norm but I have to say Marc Spagnoulo (spelling?) from has been my guy I learned a ton from Marc and he introduced me to my festools.

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That would be you, Mr. Parfitt, as i like your didactics, i believe..
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I would love to meet Norm Abrams and Tommy Silva... Also, Pete Nelson (the treehouse guy), and Henry Klumb, a german architect who had worked with Frank Lloyd Wright and finally settled in Puerto Rico, where he had a furniture factory. His furniture designs are totally consistent with the weather on this Island.

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Roy Underhill. I plan on taking a class at the Woodwright's shop later this year.

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The late great James Krenov. Although he may be considered the anti festool but still love reading his books and looking at his work.

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For me it would be Norm Abrams, Tom Silva, Roy Underhill. I grew up watching them on public television in my area.

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I think it would have to be Noah, building an Arc with the equipment he had. Would have like to have seen that.

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Most of my woodworking has been self taught through YouTube, so I'd start there. Steve Ramsey and Mark Spagnuolo of course, Frank Howarth, Etc. But the one guy I'd like to Han out with for a day is Jimmy DiResta (he uses a Domino, it counts). If you haven't seen his channel and his stuff on MAKE: then you really are missing some cool stuff.
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Not only would I like to meet him, but I'd kill to spend a couple of weeks in Jory Brigham's woodshop watching and learning the way he works. His style is very much what I endeavor towards and his pieces are unmistakably recognizable as his own.

I am happy to say I was a fan of his work long before the Framework win.

(Plus we both spent some of our school years in Hawaii!! [smile])


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Well, actually - it would be Peter Parfitt.

I learned all about Festool from Peter and he is an inspiration for me to learn more about woodworking and I truly admire his channel and all of his videos.

I love his level of perfection, work ethic and the way he explains/teaches methods and attention to detail.

Thank you Peter!  Well done!

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Kev is my hero....

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Re: Who is your Festool or Woodworking Hero?
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"who would you like to have a chat with".

Sounds like a euphemism for something entirely different, and that's quite a long list i imagine...

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Paul Schurch

I won't say he is a huge Festool advocate and when I started following him I dont think he used the Festools. Now he has some video using them.

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tie.  both named Peter though...Halle and Parfitt (Alphabetically, of course [wink])
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If we are talking strictly Festool Jerry Work just has to be at or near the top.

Back in 2008 Jerry wrote up an MFT table instructional that I think was 52 pages. It still holds up even though the MFT is different now. He was an early advocate of getting rid of the table saw, which I never agreed with, but he proved it could work.
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One regret I have is never traveling the few hours to meet James Krenov when he was alive and teaching at the College of the Redwoods within driving distance of my shop.  I've read all of his books and he is the person who most inspired my furniture building.

I did a weekend workshop with Sam Maloof that I will always remember and of the people out there today, Roy Underhill is a delight to watch with his tool history and also a very talented craftsman Timothy Rousseau from Appleton, Maine an instructor at the Center for Furniture Craftsmanship.  Tim publishes a lot of his work with details in Fine Woodworking magazine.


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Peter Parfitt and Norm Abrams.
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There are many people on this forum that I have learned many things from and they have helped me greatly and I thank them all.  I have to say Erock (Eric) has helped through all of his series of videos on Youtube as (MrBigerock) the most for what I am trying to learn.  The LR32 video was great for me.  I also thank you, Peter for all of the superb reviews and instruction you do.


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Peter Parfitt and Norm Abrams.

Many thanks Chris for all of your support both here and through YouTube.

I need to say something about all of this...

When I created this thread I was toying with the idea of arranging a FOG get together here in the UK. Not an informal bash in the back garden (Ron - I admire you and your wife for the efforts that you have made doing just that) but something a little more elaborate. I needed a sponsor (or funding) and I also wanted to get a celebrity to attract FOGgers to the event.

I am a great fan of Norm Abram and would so love to meet him. I thought that he would be the "must have" guy to invite to the party. When I was new to the FOG I got a lot of help from the work of Paul Marcel and so he, with Norm, were my "dream team" for the FOG event. I have exchanged emails with Paul from time to time and he has always been very helpful and I count him as a (distant) friend.

I did not get the help that I sought for the big UK FOG bash and if anyone that I asked for help now steps in to remedy matters then great but if not then I will chalk it down to experience and me putting too much faith in companies rather than people. I have no intention of embarrassing anyone who was involved so don't ask about this detail.

So, this thread was all about drumming up some interest which I then though would lead to a big announcement that Norm or Paul (or both) would be here in the UK. Bang goes my chance of meeting either of them but if either of you guys read this - thank you for everything and you are my woodworking heroes.

Thanks everyone.


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Pers Svenson would be high on the list... Along with Guido Henn and Eric ( Boisetmetal)

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    Not so much heroes but I have the utmost respect for those craftsmen who worked with timber when tools were limited but skill was very high such as the images below. In my home town these carvings are found on the main supports of one of the oldest timber framed buildings here in Bury st Edmunds from the early 1600's.
    They are relief carvings of the 'merchant' family who commissioned the building. The roof is made up of Queen and King post components with fantastic jointing and at nearly 500 years since being put together is still holding up.
    Will get some of the interior but need to ask permission as it is now a ...............sports shop!!
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