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Custom MFT/3 Storage Solution
« on: June 25, 2018, 06:52 PM »
I had been in need of a better storage solution for my MFT/3 since I got it last month.  Initially when I got it, I just angled it up against the wall, but I needed the angle to be such that it hopefully wouldn't accidentally fall over.   As a result, I needed to park my car precariously close to the MFT/3 and there was nothing stopping the MFT/3 from just falling over.

I already had a wall mounted fold-up work table that was smack dab in the way of where I would have ordinarily mounted the MFT/3.  I was inspired by a post of @nostoct french cleat system he had showing how he mounted his MFT/3.  I started brainstorming and thought I could make some sort of bracket that could be inserted into my preexisting wall mounted table without being permanently attached or affecting the function of my fold-up table.

I had to thin down the plywood a little to fit in between the gap between the work tabletop and the wall cleat.  I'm using these "legs" as I'll call them to cantilever (I think that's the correct terminology??) the load of the MFT/3.  Initially I had not planned on using these screw-in hooks that I had been saving for more than a decade.  I had envisioned adding on a plywood top that would have a small cleat at the end that would have somehow fit into the interior profile of the MFT/3.  I was actively using my MFT/3 to cut stuff so I didn't want to fold the legs up to evaluate how the mounting would actually work with the legs folded.  Once I did fold the legs, I quickly realized that the plywood ledge, with the cleat at the end would not work at all because the leg's crossbar would be in the way.

This is what I came up with using some just scraps of 23/32 plywood and my 10 year+ hooks.  The MFT/3 had been hanging for over 1 week and so far so good.  As I had mentioned, because my plywood ledge idea wasn't going to work so I ended up being about 3/4" shorter than I had originally intended.  That meant I had to remove the guide rail deflector when stored.

I thought about remaking the holder so that it's 2-3" taller - tall enough to accommodate tornado hooks and also get the end of the guide rail a little further off of the floor, but I think what I have works until otherwise noted.

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