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Hardwood Lumber storage
« on: October 31, 2016, 01:32 PM »
I am not finished with this storage solution yet, but I have time today to post so Ill start the thread now..  I have to install the second level and add the bottom spacers(so the stack dont slide to the left on the bottom), but today I have time to post so Ill show what I have done.

I organized about 20% of my on hand lumber in the shop from the barn. One wall is rough wood(9 feet long back wall 3 foot side wall) and the other  The other wall is the woods I re-sawed already to 3/8" for my inlay work(12 foot back wall, 4 foot side wall).

I framed up a floor(26" finished) and wall(8' and 10' high) with 2x6 and 2x4 and used BCX plywood that I stained and finished. Then I used the pipe as separators. The second row will be set up using the same stuff  used for the plywood rack and I have some cool tricks in store for it, but mostly it will mirror the first row with some extras.

This is by far the easiest way to store the wood for me. I can pull it from the side so I dont have to dig through horizontal stickered shelves. I always needed something on the bottom and it was a nightmare. And sideways like this is better than the wood facing me for the same reason, no digging to the back. I even labeld the woods on face and top for kicks.

I am very happy the way if came out, I can add about double what is seen here once the top is done.., Ill post when that's complete(Ill be using the same fittings I used for the ply rack). The funny thing is this lumber was such a mess and took up a space 12x12 3 feet high on the floor, now that it's organized it looks like there is hardly any wood there! Ill never get all my wood in the shop but it nice to have this much in here.

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Re: Hardwood Lumber storage
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You are on a roll!

More great ideas!

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