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Pier Mirror - beginning
« on: March 14, 2016, 06:17 PM »
Hoping to chronicle this build as it proceeds.  It might go somewhat slowly, since I've got some more painting/tiling/installing to do, along with three more radiator covers to build.

I picked up a large mirror for $10 yesterday -  about 3' wide and 5' tall.   I'd like to try and build a pier-mirror using it.  Living in Pittsburgh, you see a lot of interesting old woodwork and I've gotten some inspiration from there.  The internet has also been a source of lots of ideas. 

Given my lack of proficiency at carving, it will probably not be as ornate as some examples I've seen.

I threw together a couple things in sketchup last night and wanted to get some design feedback to see what I could do to improve the look of it.  I doubt it will be in walnut - I might paint it if I have to mix up a lot of species.  Probably will not apply liberal gold-leafing to it.


Right now, I think I'm going to need to make the pilasters narrower - if only to fit the space available.  I'm also unsure whether to use rabbeted panel molding or inset.   The rabbeted is a bit more effort to cut, but it pays off with a little more lee-way in terms of fit and some interesting profiles. The inset is a little easier, but not as dramatic.

I'm also not sure how I want to treat the frieze.  Right now, I've just got the one bit of rabbeted panel molding.  I thought it might be interesting to use some onlaid molding.

If I wanted to get really dramatic, I found plaster griffin statues that I could attach to the top of the piece.    [eek]

I plan on putting a hinge on the mantel shelf, so it can function as a small linen chest, since storage is fairly limited in my space.  The baseboard appears to be melting into the floor, but that's unintentional.


Would love to hear what ideas you guys might offer on how to improve this design before I get into building it.


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