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Re: Slabs!
« Reply #30 on: March 01, 2018, 02:17 PM »
Siberian Elm, formerly shading a neighborhood in Portland, OR.  Please forgive me for killing the edge.

Purchased the slabs from Salvage Works in Portland.  Milled and kiln dried, ready to sand.  Nice helpful folks, good selection and fair prices.

Top slab (left in picture) is 2" thick and the leg slab (right) is 2-1/2".

Final overall dimensions are 20" w x 48" l x 17" H

The legs were glued up to get the desired width and are joined to the top with three 14mm dominoes on each end.

Sanded up incrementally to P220g and finished with two coats of Osmo satin hard wax oil.  Green Scotch Brite pad (Viles) for first coat burnish and white pad on the second coat.

I used my TS75 saw with 1400 and 1900 rails along with a TSO GRS-16 guide rail square.  ETC EC 150/3 sander for sanding and rubbing in the oil.  Also, a Domino XL and MFT/3.

This was my first slab-style project and I anticipate doing some more.
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Re: Slabs!
« Reply #31 on: March 01, 2018, 06:52 PM »

yer Killing me. Im taking a ride up there next month and Im stopping in Hood river to visit some old friends. Now ya got me going a buying a load of reclaimed wood and a Slab.

Sheesh I gotta quit coming here its always cost me money  [scared]

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Re: Slabs!
« Reply #32 on: October 08, 2018, 01:06 PM »
More fun with Slabs! This is a duplicate of a post I made over at the Shaper Origin forum:

I’ve been criminally unproductive ever since receiving my Shaper Origin, this is the first “real” i.e. furniture grade project attempted. Prior to this I fiddled with some shop fixtures only. The most recent firmware update (Dolores) was handy to have especially the ability to zoom in when placing the long wood inlay to the crack.

Slab is 10/4 sycamore, 10’ by 24-30" cross cut @ 66" into a coffee table and wall-mounted worksurface for my niece’s new apartment. Beautiful grain flecks that come to life with shellac/stain/poly finish & some nice spalting. The split goes from end to end and where unopened I need to reinforce on the bottom. Got a steal on it from John @ Full Circle Woodworx because of the checking. Absolutely LOVE sycamore.

Tabletop received Cumru keys and will get some mother of pearl(??) epoxy inlay, the “client’s” idea (my wife & niece). I’m reserving judgment on that until it’s finished. Desk received a cherry inlay and clear epoxy in knot holes.

Kudos to the SO team for ease of use, my potential future nephew did the majority of the cutting after I demo’ed it for him. He had zero woodworking experience prior to this project. He also earned his chops in slab-surfacing with a router jig.

Table will end up with welded steel X legs, hopefully done in the next 2 weeks. Desk will be wall mounted with some 3/16" stainless cable supports.

Shoutout to Eric Schimelpfenig for the development of Fabber, it was used along with SketchUp to design the butterfly keys.

As of 10/17 I am out of the Dog business and pursuing other distractions. Thanks for a fun ride!

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Re: Slabs!
« Reply #33 on: October 08, 2018, 11:02 PM »
Nice job on the table!  Origin makes this kind of work so much easier!

Thanks for sharing!