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Lamello Clamex S
« on: March 01, 2011, 06:07 PM »

this is my first post anywhere I am a long time lurker and I have gained much valuable information from you kind souls who bother to take the time to write a little about what you do, so I thought it only fair that I should do the same.

I am furniture designer and maker, although I frequently cut roofs and carry 1st and 2nd fix carpentry all over the place, I frequently have to make built in wardrobes, shelving units and awkwardly sized items in to flats that are less than accessible, (yes I have had to take part of a wall down just to get a wardrobe in to a flat in a victorian house).

I have wanted to use knock down fittings for ages but the cost of the jigs has put me right off, however I have in the passed used mini-fix fittings  drilling and marking all the holes with a marking gauge and drilling with a cordless drill or where possible a pillar drill, what a pain, and long winded without the right equipment!

I'm just making an 8'ish tall x 4'ish wide shelving unit using Lamello Clamex S fittings and a standard biscuit Jointer, what a joy, yes they are £1.65 each ($2.70) but they have some tolerance, they pull up tight, and only leave a 6mm hole visible, perfecrt! They require an 8mm slot, the standard blade in a biscuit jointer  has a kerf of 4mm, so I just used a couple of biscuits to offset the cut, easy peasy!

First time trying dominoes in the shelf sides, I usually house them in or employ a sliding dovetail.

Dry assembly showing oak face frame which will hopefully stiffen the front of the shelves a bit, the rest of the shelves will get painted white

I think you can just see the 6mm hole that is used to tighten the Clamex fitting.

I had wanted to do a more detailed photo report on these things but I got carried away. I also wanted to prove to myself that they could be used without forking out for a dedicated 8mm blade (Incidentally this is the same size as a pitch repair blade) although you have to make twice as many plunges it would appear to work just fine.

Watch the video on the Lamello website it shows very clearly how these things work.

Thanks again guys for taking the time to show me things,



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Re: Lamello Clamex S
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 [welcome] to the FOG.  Great way to show different products and their abilities when mixed together in a project.