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Dust extractor vs shopvac
« on: January 20, 2018, 04:37 PM »

I have small 15L einhell shopvac that does its job more or less efficiently for a shopvac but it is so noisy. I'm thinking about an upgrade  [big grin]
At first i was looking at Fein dustex and Festools, because they are the quiet ones.
But now i'm thinking about small 1hp dust extractor, something like this:

I have a portable Metabo DH330 thicknesser. Curent shopvac is not capable to catch chips efficiently. I think Fein or Festool wouldn't be strong enough also, because i need u HVLP collector.

In the description of Axminister dust extractor, it says that it shouldnt be used with thiner hoses because it looses performance. So i was wondering, would i be able to use this dust extractor efficently with my tracksaw and handheld router with 35mm dust outlet? Probably shopvac is better for handheld powertools, but i can afford only one of them.

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Re: Dust extractor vs shopvac
« Reply #1 on: January 20, 2018, 05:33 PM »
Dust collectors are still noisy because they move a lot of air which creates turbulence noise, though without the high pitched whine of a shop vac.  I have a 3hp collector that is too loud to be around without hearing protection.  I also have a smaller 1.5hp one that's a lot less loud. Shop vacs obviously vary in how much noise they make and air they suck.  If you have one with a big hose (here in the states they make them with 2.25" hoses), it can be used with a "trash can lid" type separator.  This approach worked pretty well for me when I used in with a 6 gallon Sears shop vac. 

Planers generate a lot of chip volume and a collector with one bag will fill up quickly.  If you have the space using a trash can lid separator works well with a dust collector too.