Author Topic: DW735 Worthy Earmuffs – or other ideas for toning down the screaming banshee?  (Read 769 times)

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Turned on the new DW735 for the first time – and turned it right back off. It is hands down the most unpleasant power tool I have ever been around. Two questions:

  • First - suggestions for some really good earmuff type hearing protectors? The ones I have are old (close to 20 years I think) and don't cut it with the 735. Hoping that there is something newer and better out there.
  • Second - besides a Byrd head, is there anything that can be done to tone it down? I definitely see a Byrd head in my future.

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Wait till you run a 12" piece of maple thru it..... Your filings will rattle...  I use foam ear plugs AND headphones when using mine....  Although, after running 1000s of bf of hardwood thru it it stopped raising and lowering. So I went out and bought a PC 12" in a pinch to get a job done and the 735 sits under a pile of dust cause is too heavy to move around. I hope they fixed the thermal overload issue with the switch as well..... Cuts out more and more the longer you use it. There's a simple bypass you can make and is never an issue. Also, run it on as short a lead as possible. On a circuit as close to the panel as possible.... They are juice hungry machines and don't like iffy jobsite power situations for long.....

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The "3M™ PELTOR™ Optime™ 105 Earmuffs H10A" have the highest noise reduction (30dB) that I have been able to find. Combined with a helical head and you will be happy.

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I bought these for shooting:

They nicely tame the blast from my .44 Magnum and are also very effective in the shop.  They have electronics which allow you to hear normal sounds when things are quiet but which mute at higher noise levels.

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As mentioned above, the 3M Optime 105 are excellent hearing protection muffs. They are currently $20 on Amazon. Buy a couple and keep one one the top of your planer and the other near your table saw.

While you're at it throw some extra safety glasses in your cart too

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Believe or not the 735 is quieter than some including the previous DW's.

A factor that also might be contributing is that at 20 + years the spring and thus the tightness of seal might be wearing out on the pair you have.

I also use the 3M Peltor that are linked above. Very good.


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I use the Howard Leight earmuffs with ear plugs like @Farming_Sawyer when using my DW735.  That thing could wake the dead two counties over.   [scared]
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I use these bc I like 3M and bluetooth and good hearing protection: LINK
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