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Jointech still around
« on: September 03, 2011, 08:49 PM »
I was in San Antonio last week and decided to stop by the Jointech warehouse to see if the owner was there.  He had a router lift of mine for almost year and I wanted it back.  Lo and behold, as I drove up, the main door was open!  I say it that way because I had tried at last 3 other times to track them down - all unsuccessfully.  The owner, Ernie, was in the back and was very apologetic for taking so long to return my lift.  He is finalizing the sale of the assets to another company and shutting down itools/Jointech.  The economy just killed him as well as making some business mistakes by keeping way too many employees during the recession.  He basically ran out of money.  He said the purchaser is buying his inventory of parts and he fully expects the products to remain available.  Whether this happens remains to be seen.  It's a shame since when his father in law was still alive and was the company owner, it was doing pretty well.  I got my lift back the next day as the digital mechanism was broken and I had to go to Woodcraft and buy a new Wixey digital router lift readout.  He cannibilized what he needed and now it's all good again.  Now I have a like new Kreg router lift I need to sell. 
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