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Nikle 23 Gauge Pin Nailer

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Steve Rowe:
I ended up purchasing a Grex P635 at the AWFS show.  I tried 3 different Grex pinners and preferred the feel of the smaller tool over the ones with greater capacity.  The 1-3/4" or 2" capacities would see very limited use in my application so the smaller tool was the perfect choice for me.  So far I haven't used the Grex a whole lot but, from what I have seen so far, I like it.  I suspect that I would have been equally as happy with the Nikle or Cadex but I didn't see them at the show and couldn't touch and feel.


        A few things-

                     First both the Grex and the Cadex (interesting how they both end in "ex") are acceptable in a Festoolian shop because of the color schemes. So you are safe in that regard. ;)

                     I don't see the use of a 2" pin in woodworking. They are so thin that at that length they will be going off course and curving etc inside the wood. I know they must have a use because they are being manufactured and sold.

                     It sounds like some fairly good sized moldings that you will be using and perhaps the pins are not really enough. Especially in Oak. Even if only to hold while glue dries.

                     The point of a pin is to be nearly invisable. So i don't get the whole puting a head on it deal.  If you are going to a headed fastener for more holding power then you may as well just jump up to 18ga.

                     I have the Grex 635 and am very happy with it.


Jim McFarland:
I've only had for a couple of weeks but another vote for the Grex P635.  Very small (but not invisible) holes in walnut trim.  My neighbor borrowed to install some 1/4" pine trim and said he pulled on the trim after to make sure the gun actually shot -- the holes were nearly invisible.  All pins (1") countersunk (compressor @ 90 psi) and no evidence of trim splitting in either application.

Lou Miller:
One more vote for the Grex 635 here. I've used mine a whole lot (probably shot around 25,000 pins with it) since getting it and its been flawless. Like others have said, I don't see the need for pins up to 2" in length. Putting a head on a pin makes absolutley no sense to me whatsoever either. I've read the reasoning behind it, but I just shake my head every time. Hey, if someone wants to make things even more complicated and expensive, go ahead. I'll stick with what has been working 100% of the time though.

Thanks everybody for all your input. On the group advice I bought a Grex P 645 23 gage nailer from Timmy at the Festool Junkie. It will shoots up to 1.75 pins and that should do the trick. I do have a Nikle 23 gage nailer that shoots .375 to .75 pins that I like very much. I use it it pin mldgs in glazing bars for glass cabinet doors. I don't use nails or pins alot but  the new Grex should work nicely on some of the mldgs for my door project. Thanks again. Chad   


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