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TSO Products MTR-18
« on: July 07, 2017, 12:23 PM »
Yesterday I had the good fortune to meet with Hans and Eric and see the new accessory that allows you to quickly and easily cut any angle using the MTR-18, your track saw and a MFT table or any 20mm 96mm on center work surface. When I first read TSO was working on this capability my initial thought was attach the triangle to the rail similar to the guide rail square but that would only work for 90 & 45 cuts.

Hans and Eric are using the UJK Rail Clips and a modified dog to obtain this functionality. The dogs are slightly taller and tapered at the top to make it easier to slide the clips over (they will fit over standard part dogs the taper just makes it a little easier). You connect the rail clips to the rail, place the dogs in the work surface and tilt the rail at a 45 angle and slide the clips over the dog since pressing the clip against the dog to force it to connect to the dog will, over time, add slop to the rail clips. They will be releasing an animated video that shows this process much better than I can explain it.

They've added a teaser image in the carousel of the desktop version of their website that shows the rail clips and the dogs. The rail clips, dogs and speed knobs will be available as a standalone package and you will be able to purchase the clips alone if you already have the parf dogs and knobs from the Festool Clamping Elements. The rail clips can be used with out the MTR-18 as a replacement for the MFT rail hinge and requires no calibration. We did not discuss a timeframe these would be on the site but I got the impression these new SKU's will be on their site for purchase in the next couple weeks.

Hans also showed me a neoprene storage case for the MTR-18. The case is triangular shaped with a large zipper on two sides and attached to the peak of the triangle is a ring that will allow the case to be hung. I did not get a feel for when the storage bag would be available for purchase.

For those wondering, I purchased my GRS-16/PE and MTR-18 prior to knowing I would be meeting with Hans and Eric. Hans has offered me a complimentary set of the UJK rail clips and dogs.

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