Author Topic: Way OT but had to share TPMS genius solution  (Read 932 times)

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Way OT but had to share TPMS genius solution
« on: October 05, 2017, 01:06 AM »
Most of us probably have cars with some version of a Tire Pressure Management System whereby a warning symbol illuminates on the dash, which, in my case, means digging out the owners manual for the arcane ritual to get the tire pressures right, and the steps necessary to make the car's computer aware of that fact. 

This reasonably priced gadget:

makes the process of keeping your tire pressures up to snuff easier than any diy solution I've seen.

You don't need to check the pressure with a gauge before or after hooking up the compressor - once you dial in the pressure you're done.  The chuck screws onto the valve stem so you don't have to apply pressure either to check the pressure or to add air.

On my car, the TPMS does not identify the offending low tire so you're required to check/inflate all four tires but this gadget is so user friendly the entire process takes mere minutes.  Did I mention it's quiet?

No fiduciary relationship, just love the product.  Only possible gripes are the length of the power cord: approx nine feet, and compressor draws 10 amps.

Best - Gary

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