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Member Projects / Re: Systainer/MFT Cart
« Last post by AtomicRyan on Today at 08:34 AM »
Hey guys. Thanks for all the nice words.

1. I do have plans... Sketchup plans can be found here:

2. I haven't made any videos lately because I finished the cart in the middle of the summer - which is my busy season at work... And I haven't moved on to the cabinets inside the house yet as it's been too cold to get out in the shop as of late. I'm filled with excuses.

I will, however, get to it soon!
Member Projects / Re: Systainer/MFT Cart
« Last post by DynaGlide on Today at 08:30 AM »
@AtomicRyan You mentioned you started down this path to build kitchen cabinets. So can we get an update? More work than anticipated? In progress? Did you invest in the LR32 system?
Other Tool Reviews / Re: Bench top planner suggestions
« Last post by ear3 on Today at 08:19 AM »
90 minutes?  I chalk that up to your mechanical savoir faire.

The noise difference between the stock head and the Shelix really is night and day, even when you're operating with a fresh set of knives on the OEM unit.

I have yet to rotate the cutterheads since I made the switchover this summer (and I've been running it quite often over that period) but I'll be interested to see how they hold up with all the Ipe I've been passing through them over the past week.  I'm not quite sure what to even look for to tell if they're dulling.  On the stock head you could tell by the increased noise level and raggedness of the cut.  No difference that I've noticed so far with the Shelix.

Consequently, after 8-9 years of sitting on the fence, I finally ordered a Byrd Shelix with bearings for the 735 in early December and just received it a few days ago. I plan on installing it within the next couple of days. I'll update my results at that time.  [smile]

Yesterday I swapped out the standard Dewalt 735 3-blade cutter head for a Byrd Shelix. It was pretty straight forward and only took about 90 minutes providing you have all the proper tools.   [big grin]

From a noise perspective it's like turning on a completely different machine.  The noise level, with the planer just turned on, with the old head was 96-98 dB, while the Shelix head registers in the 85-88 dB range. This -10 dB level equates to half of the noise.  [smile]  More importantly, the sharp scream that immediately hurt my ears is no longer there. I've never been able to operate the 735 without hearing protection because it produced such an intense shriek, and when you feed lumber in it just gets worse.

Now with the Shelix running and hearing protection on, when you feed boards into the 735, you have to listen for the change in pitch/noise level.  It's truly hard to believe that the sound signature can change that drastically by just changing the cutter head.

I ran some cedar through the planer and the cut quality of the Shelix is fine. I think the stock factory steel blades cut a little smoother but it's really, really tough to tell the difference. In the next couple of days I'll be planing down some maple, I'll see how that goes.
Other Tool Reviews / Re: My combination table saw( full upgrade)
« Last post by ear3 on Today at 08:08 AM »
Nifty setup, thanks for sharing. Just curious, is there a way to lock in the router insert rings?  I would think there might be a concern having them loose like that.

hi guys. This is my Nototec 25102 hybrid table saw that i upgraded router table extension( Milwaukee 5625-20), bosch guard blade and zero clearance. I used CNC machine to made cast iron router table top. This is my demonstration video. Thanks for watching. Sorry if my english is not good

From this thread:

I found such information:
The MFT/3 seems to have a hole size that is staying consistant each year, but varies by 0.1 mm  on the same table top. The older MFT-1080 or 800 had holes sizes that varied each year but were the same size within 0.01 mm on the same table.

The ideal hole size should be 20.1 mm so any 20 mm diameter object can fit in them. 20.2 mm will feel very sloppy. Several years ago, a customer was kind enough to have me test the Festool router bit 491-072. Back then it measured 20.0 mm and made holes of 20.1 mm when the router speed was right (I don't remember the speed any more) and 20.2 mm if you didn't have the speed right and held the router very firmly.

So, before to make holes with Festool 491072, router bit must be measured, if that's true!
As well as those, owning and using Festool MFT surfaces, probably have to measure what hole size actually they have.

   - The new UJK Parf Super Dogs are designed to be a very snug fit in a 20 mm hole drilled with the PGS. The holes on the Festool MFT3 are larger and so the Parf Super Dogs will not appear to be quite as tight in them.
I recently set one up with the Dewalt mini plunge router that you can get from Home Depot. The set was about $170. Ended up centering it by eyeball and it works just fine (if all holes are off by the same 1/32 then who cares).
Festool How To... / Re: Festool 500 Cutter Alignment
« Last post by Birdhunter on Today at 07:00 AM »
What's the old children's song "where it stops, nobody knows".
Member Projects / Re: Systainer/MFT Cart
« Last post by Naildrivingman on Today at 06:23 AM »
You act with a great degree of humility. That is very refreshing. I commend you for that. Your project looks very nice and well thought.
Festool How To... / Re: Festool 500 Cutter Alignment
« Last post by KUMA on Today at 06:23 AM »
Yeah that's fair...thanks. Just obv got worried that something was up! Will be the reason why I couldn't find anything regarding it online hahah.

Much appreciated.
Festool How To... / Re: Festool 500 Cutter Alignment
« Last post by grobkuschelig on Today at 06:21 AM »
Think of it like a drill.
It will not return to a „zero-position“.
Due to it only being operated while running, there is no need and the effort to establish such a function is not worth it...
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