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Festool Tools & Accessories / Re: Two saws using the same rail
« Last post by Svar on Today at 07:26 PM »
Check out the "Supplemental Manual" for TS55, page 22.
Festool Tools & Accessories / Re: Two saws using the same rail
« Last post by tjbnwi on Today at 07:15 PM »
Nothing is out of wack.

I calibrated all of my saws to match each other, easier than sorting through rails.

Do a forum search, this has come up before, I know there are threads on the subject.

Hand Tools / Re: Thinking of Getting Wera Screwdrivers
« Last post by deepcreek on Today at 06:34 PM »
I bought the big Wera set and returned them.

The wall mounted holder is cheap plastic.  I was very disappointed in it.

The handles did not fit my hand and they were not made in Germany as I expected.

I ended up buying a German-made set from Wiha instead.  Very satisfied with them.

Festool Tools & Accessories / Two saws using the same rail
« Last post by travisj on Today at 06:18 PM »
I have a TS55REQ and I just picked up a TSC55.  I set the TSC on one of my tracks (have not powered it up yet).  The splinter guard will be cut with the TSC meaning the blade is closer to the rail than my TS is.  Those of you who run more than one saw, do you mark certain rails for each saw or do you account for the difference when lining up the rail?  Or should they sit the same and something is out of whack with one of my saws?

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I have only seen this on biscuits, usually it happens when you sand the joints down before everything is dry. The high concentration of glue/moisture bulges the wood some what. Then when you sand the bulge down and the panels dry there is a recess.  I have never had this happen on dominos.   
Hand Tools / Re: Thinking of Getting Wera Screwdrivers
« Last post by lwoirhaye on Today at 06:10 PM »
You may be able to use a Torx driver on an Allen screw in a pinch, but they aren't designed for it and it's possible to damage the Torx head doing this if any substantial torque is involved.

I have some tiny Torx heads I bought in a package for working on folding knives and the blades of the heads are quite easily damaged loosening tight screws.  Larger ones have stronger cross sections on the blade parts of course and hold up better.

So yes and no.

Ball-end t-handle Allen wrenches are quite handy.   Carrying a full set of both Allen and Torx drivers in a portable kit may be overkill for some, but in a shop having both is nice.  I have a driver set with Torx, Phillips and Allen head inserts for my portable kit but the Allen heads aren't ball-end.  It does in a pinch though when a need comes up and all I have is what's in the truck.
Festool Tools & Accessories / Re: RO-90DX vs DTS 400 REQ
« Last post by aloysius on Today at 05:38 PM »
Omg I didn't know about Delmeq at all. And I'm Dutch, even! That delta plate definitely looks worth trying out on my Deos! Thanks for the tip! That would basically fit all my sanding needs as well. I might even sell the Rotex.

How do you find the DEOS?  I originally bought mine just to use up the old stocks of Festool Brilliant papers I had left over after the disappointing performance of my 2 LS130 Duplex sanders for stripping mouldings.  But I'm personally delighted with the little Mirka.  Even more useless for mouldings (naturally), but on flats, even narrow ones like window frames & the like, it's just fantastic.  Fast, powerful & smooth.

Festool obviously went to a lot of trouble designing the Duplex.  Twin counter-rotating counterweights to cancel the for'ard & aft momentum & inertia.  Yet it's the worst vibrating sander I've ever used.  A nice long stroke, but terribly prone to rapid paper clogging.  The last straw for me was how my collection of expensive profiled platens would deteriorate in storage between jobs.  Not an orbital, but not a very good profile sander either.  They may be useful for some particular, narrow range of tasks, but they were an abject failure for my intended uses.

The combination of small dimensions, light weight, a tiny but powerful motor & an aggressive stroke make the DEOS a game-changer in compact orbital sanders. Festool's new battery sanders use compact EC motors too, but they're still much bigger & heavier, less easily handled yet less aggressive too than either DEOS model.

Looks like you might very well beat me to the punch building a hybrid DEOS/Delmeq delta sander.  Please let me know how you get on with it.
Festool Tools & Accessories / Re: DF500 or DF700
« Last post by rst on Today at 05:21 PM »
I'm with Birdhunter, although I think it a took little over a year.
Finishing and Painting / Re: MDF worktop finish recommendations?
« Last post by rst on Today at 05:19 PM »
I also use the Howards on all  my MFT tables and tops.  Soaks in and can be redone easily.
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