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It is probably the file size of the images.  What the forum says is max is just plain wrong.  Using large file sizes may seem convenient but usually results in disgust.

as an example I will try to post two copies of the same image.  One at a large size just under 3 meg and then one at 172KB.



My concern with the Bosch stuff is if their pro stuff is like their other tools I have bought where they seam nice at first, but quickly you find they aren't that great quality wise or have some really bad designs.
I can say the same about Festool. Nothing is flawless, but overall and in comparison to others Bosch tools are excellent.

My concern with the Bosch stuff is if their pro stuff is like their other tools I have bought where they seam nice at first, but quickly you find they aren't that great quality wise or have some really bad designs.

Like what?  I have tons of Bosch and don't perceive or experience that at all.

Agree wholeheartedly.  I don't know what the F this person is taking about.  All the Bosch tools I have, have worked wonderfully for years or decades now.  Excellent tools.
Ask Festool / Re: How about a T-shirt?
« Last post by KGB pilot125 on Today at 03:11 PM »
I truly lucked out, I got a Hat, cup, shirt and a reusable bag(wife uses it for a shopping bag)

Only people who have ever said anything about the shirt are woodcraft employees. 

Almost done....

I just tried for the second time to make a post in the Member Projects section with 11 "Inline full-size image" attachments.  The total size for all 11 images is 24.1MB.  The largest individual image size is only 3.39MB.  Those seem to be under the forum image restrictions.

After I clicked the Post button I was taken back to a blank "Start new topic" form instead of being taken back to the Member Projects forum like normally happens after I make a post.  This happened both time.  The first time I thought it might just take the system a while before it actually created the post because of all the images, but it still hasn't shown up.

Am I doing something wrong?
Festool Tools & Accessories / Re: Festool Kapex KS-60
« Last post by RDMuller on Today at 02:29 PM »
I strongly suspect Festool did their homework on this and found out it would not sell well enough to justify the costs of getting the retooling done for the North American market.  They would have to take it through Underwriter Labs certification etc
General Friendly Chat / Re: Dearest Canada 🇨🇦
« Last post by yetihunter on Today at 02:23 PM »

Does this have something to do with the still festering wound of the burning down of the White House circa the War of 1812 ?  It was the British, not Canada.  Honest !

On a more serious note it appears I am a random winner of a Festool prize following my attendance at the Roadshow.  Just waiting for a phone call to confirm my eligibility. 

Interestingly, I have a family tree that shows my relatives from Cape Breton Island, Nova Scotia, fought on both sides of the American Civil War.


Nova Scotia Canada

 [big grin]

I was too young in the 1810's to remember.  I asked my mom about it and she said that my family tree shows I'm gonna get the diabetes. 
Other Tool Reviews / Re: TS55 vs MT55CC Comparison Video
« Last post by Dick Mahany on Today at 02:19 PM »
Thanks for posting this.  It was very interesting indeed.  I have a TS55REQ and find it underpowered on occasion, but am generally very happy with the tool.  I really like the Mafell window-less blade cover and well designed dust extraction features within the blade guard.  I also like the one knob bevel adjustment with the internal linkage to the rear pivot.  I think I would really miss the horizontal handle that the Festool sports.

The Mafell track looks like a real winner and the onboard connector plate is ingenious.  It will be interesting to see if or how many similarities exist in the soon to be available Bosch track saw due in the US this fall.
Finishing and Painting / Re: Paint Spraying Starting Points
« Last post by JCLP on Today at 02:10 PM »
PPG Brealthrough
Water-Borne Acrylic Interior/Exterior, produc # V51-410C

Applicator:   Fuji Q5, power adjusted to the 4 o'clock position, 3M PPS, T75 Gravity gun. This may will need to be adjusted if you are using the T70 Siphon gun
Aircap:   1.5 mm for cabinet door size panels. For large panels ( fridge size ) I use a 2.5 mm to get a better fan with full power on the Q5
Air regulator:   Not used
Fluid Control:   never kept tracked of this as it does differ a little each time
Fan Pattern Control:   Vertical spray - Horizontal postion
Wet Mils   3–4

This paint is very forgiving as long as you apply the correct wet mils. I thin this 10% with distilled water. Do not exceed as I have done this and it does affect the film and hardness. Some people use the Extender product from BM. I have tried that and found the paint does not dry as hard. Use WATER only. Make sure you fan width is about 5-6 inches and that you are not putting too much paint as it will affect the level of atomization. Keep the gun about 7-8 inches away from the surface, overlap 50%. It should take you about 2-3 seconds to do a 16" pass.

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