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I just bought the CT 26 E HEPA dust extractor along with the "Universal Cleaning Set D 36 UNI-RS-Plus" and now I'm wondering if they are not compatible.  I haven't received the items yet.  Can anyone please confirm for me?  Thanks!

Classifieds / LS-130, PS-420, ETS-125
« Last post by prestonvisser on Today at 11:01 PM »
Hello FOG Community. 

I have acquired a few extra tools that I need to sell to support some other tools I am hoping to get.  If you are open to trading the RAS 115, the ETS EC 150/3, or the T18/C18, I'd be very happy to work with you (including making up any difference in value). 

1) LS-130: I ended up with two of these.  This one that I am selling was advertised as new, but I would like to list it as lightly used.  I tested it out for a few minutes.  I do not have the owner's manual for it, and I do not know about any warranty.  This LS-130 includes the 90 degree pad and the flat pad along with 10 granat sheets.  This list price is $430.  Current price = $300 with shipping included (continental US only) if you pay the PayPal fee. 

2) PS-420: I ended up with the cordless version as well, so I'm selling this corded version.  It appears very lightly used.  It has the manual, but I am not sure about any warranty on it.  It includes a couple of extra splinter guards.  List price is $390.  Current price = $275 with shipping included (continental US only) if you pay the PayPal fee.

3) ETS 125: I ended up with the Pro-5 version.   I'm not sure how old this sander is, but it appears to be in nice shape and the pad is in good condition.  I think the current list price on these is $200.  Current price = $100 with shipping included (continental US only) if you pay the PayPal fee. 

If there is more than one person interested in purchasing the tool(s), I will move in order of who messages first, but if someone is offering a trade, I will consider that first.  This forum has been a great place for me to acquire some quality tools, and I hope that these tools serve some others well. 

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My fiancee (I call her wife but really we got engaged a few months ago, getting married in May of next year) needs a place to store her jewelry, going to try my hand at finer woodworking - smaller and thinner boards.

Up until now it's been mostly larger (ish) projects.

Put the first few hours in this morning - glue drying, more to come this week.


Member Projects / Re: [Project 10] Garden Sign Stand for Wife
« Last post by mattbyington on Today at 09:31 PM »
Ah sorry team. Still had some trouble uploading.

Sales & Dealer Area / Re: Free Tools - really!
« Last post by Dick Mahany on Today at 09:28 PM »
All this time, I thought Mr Rob Lee was just having fun with us.................until I saw this little gem inside the 1986 Lee valley catalog from Leonard Lee.  Obviously over 30 years of taunting us  [big grin]

I’ve read this thread a couple of times and, except for gaining a few inches of cutting depth, why would one want to use a back fence?
Stops stuff from falling down the back of the table.
Also it's easier to slide stuff into position, compared to dogs (YMMV on this).
Does anyone remember waiting with much anticipation for the new Lee Valley catalog almost 30 years ago?  I found this interesting cover and commentary from Leonard Lee.  After his somber message inside this cover, just look where they have gone.  I do remember those blue dots  [smile]

I do know that they went back to the late 70's but I was a mere kid and awaiting the draft ,and a starving student then so those catalogs were out of reach for me then  [wink]
Hand Tools / Re: Veritas Marking Gauge
« Last post by RKA on Today at 08:40 PM »
I like this one!  I’ve got the one with the centered rod in the round base, my only gripe is i want more surface area on themarking gauge.  I have a tendency to tip it over the edge. 
Other Tools & Accessories / Re: Cabinet Saw Movers?
« Last post by ben_r_ on Today at 08:22 PM »
Whats the measurement of the base? If the SawStop ICS mobile base will work you wont find anything better quality than that for the money.
I make my living with wood.  Most of it not glamorous or worthy of posting here.  I wish that any work I did was accurate to within 7 /1000’s of an inch in 22 inches.  Not bashing or making fun but rather just being honest with no malice intended.

Yep, I hear ya. And I wasn't complaining or praising, just merely stating the fact I found.
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