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Festool Tools & Accessories / Get release date of products?
« Last post by threesixright on Today at 05:56 PM »
Anyway to find the release date of FT products?


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Ya know Howard, Im not entirely sure ya cant buy it here. After all its not a tool its a accessory . I would get a PN and call festool and see.

If not order it online from a Euro company that will ship here.


I called.  Nope.  NAINA.   Makes no sense since it's not a UL part. 
Festool Tools & Accessories / Re: Blade Left Development
« Last post by HowardH on Today at 05:13 PM »
Hmmm, not sure Howard's reason was because he is a left handed?

Actually, it's meant for right handed use.  If you think about it, using it right handed, you would not have to look over the top of it to see your line like you have to do with a traditional right bladed circular saw.  It's a non event using a track saw.  I wasn't familiar with them until I saw this.

It makes a lot of sense. 
Festool How To... / Re: Saw blade sharpening sources?
« Last post by Jack01 on Today at 04:57 PM »
Family Hardware   Florida   They are Freude certified


If you send 5 blades shipping is free. That is a great value.
Price competitive to local shop as well as online shops.

If you can find couple of woodworkers close to you go with on this deal you will save on shipping and be very reasonable.
Festool How To... / Re: Festool RO 150 E Sander, replacement pad
« Last post by Jack01 on Today at 04:47 PM »
@Jack01, yes, that pad will work.

You can use any pad that is compatible with the ETS 150 with your RO 150 E. Unlike the newer Rotex, it uses a pad with a center bolt for attachment.

Thanks Shane.  I will place order soon
Festool Jigs & Tool Enhancements / Re: light for 1400 router
« Last post by mcooley on Today at 04:37 PM »
I have plans for making one and putting it out there for purchase. I also have many other small affordable add-on type designs which if there is demand might be possible to do as well. The light for the router is the tip of the iceberg really. 
Festool and Tanos Systainers / Re: MIDI-Systainers
« Last post by cpw on Today at 04:25 PM »
In many ways if they just skipped the MIDI and updated the MAXI and made it full line that could be better as they would all stack better together.  Plus a MAXI-Loc  4 or 5 might be able to hold a miter saw or table saw.
I've got a MIDI for my stud drill; and plan to get another one as a toolbox, it fits in well with the regular systainers.  The Planex came in a MAXI, and it does not fit.  I would much prefer to have a more complete MIDI line, but do think that 2 and 3 are logical sizes.  I would really like if they had SYS-AZ drawers for MIDI.  I would definitely get a few more MIDIs and build some shelving if they integrated that way.
Festool and Tanos Systainers / Re: MIDI-Systainers
« Last post by DeformedTree on Today at 03:46 PM »
Yup,  I've looked into those too.  I think it would help if ISO adopted them so that it might gain more global traction.   It's hard to say if you can find them in the US or not.  A number of places sell units that look like them, but give no details to tell you if they are the Euro Containers.  Spec sheets list things in all inches, so you have no idea what you are actually buying, another classic case of covering reality (metric system) and just making things super confusing.   Other sources certainly look to be them, but if an average person can buy them is a different story.  Big picture is I think they can be had here, just not straightforward as trying to find them keeps taking you to Europe websites/companies.   Of course ideally you would be able to find them in retail stores.  Retail stores here love selling folks totes, sell different versions from the same companies that other stores sells, then pull them off the shelves and put a different model on the shelves, then maybe a few years later bring the old one back for a while.  Basically they know folks want standardization, so by continually changing what they sell, people keep re-buying totes and throwing the old ones out.

The Systainers are nice for tools due to the latching and other aspects.  The Euro Containers look to be good for other things. 

Like a lot of things, we need a few things to happen.  If the EU succeeds in getting Pallet Wide  ISO containers universalized and then made standard in places like the US, then maybe we can adopt Euro Pallet (ours are close right now) 48x40" (1220mm x 1016mm) So still a bit big, but probably manageable, then getting to European style containers can work better.  For sure the auto industry has in part introduced the Euro Containers to the US, but still, they aren't a common thing around here.  I don't think we have PW ISO containers yet because they would exceed US law for road width or be darn close.  Bunch of small changes needed.  The great irony that intermodal containers are a US invention, that has been adopted everyplace else in the world much more so than in the US.
Other Tools & Accessories / Re: Musclechuck, any one using it?
« Last post by Tinker on Today at 03:39 PM »
As I remember, the chuck did not extend far enough that I could get a clear shot with the allen key. I was aPITA to work it. I just use an open end wrench from the top and the button on the router below.
The BD plane likely has a 45º bed (vs 37º) so you're using a higher angle, which should help especially after tuning.

I have no idea why BD planes don't have toothed blades available. I mostly don't have any BDs.
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