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I'm concerned to learn what butter is like in Canada.   I don't think that saw was exactly happy about the task at hand.
I am about to make the plunge into Festool to start a project refinishing my 25 year old oak kitchen cabinets.  The cabinets have some sort of poly or varnish.  My plan is to sand with 80, 120, 150 and then spray a high build primer (to minimize the grain), sand, and spray finish coats with sanding in between.  It is a decent sized kitchen, 32 doors, 14 drawers.  Also plaining to sand and spray the inside of all the cabinets which are unfinished.

I know for sure I am getting the CT MIDI or 26 and the LS130 for sanding the raised panels portions of the cabinet doors.

Beyond that I am torn for corner work:

Option 1:
RTS 400 (same paper as LS130) but can do corners

Option 2:
DTS 400 (bite the bullet on different abrasives required)

Option 3:
DS 90 and now I have a rotex sander and delta for doing corners.

After I make this decision, for larger panels I am debating the ETS EC 125/3 or wondering if the ETS 150/5 would be nice to have something larger and more aggressive and since I am painting, not staining; the 5mm stroke will matter less.

Thanks in advance for any and all advice!
Hand Tools / Re: Woodpecker Paolini pocket rules
« Last post by derekcohen on Today at 12:31 AM »
What makes you think that yo cannot do that with any other rule? It does not have to be aligned on the horizontal.

Regards from Perth

Classifieds / WTB Festool 203154 hand sanding block set
« Last post by bluedog18 on Today at 12:26 AM »
Looking to buy Festool 203154 hand sanding block set
Classifieds / MFT foldaway legs
« Last post by koenbro on Today at 12:11 AM »
For sale like new MFT/3 foldaway legs. I built a cabinet to support the top as soon as I got the MFT. Now I need to clean up my garage. The set includes the two sets of legs and the screws that connect them to the base. Asking $130.
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I'm new to Festool and this forum and plan to buy a Kapex (USA model). Given the motor failure reports, I thought it prudent to wait for a redesign since I'm in no rush. Comparing Kapex KS 120 EB and new KS 120 REB for changes to the motor, it looks to me like the REB version motor housing part number is different. The field assembly is the same on both models but the "end shield" assembly is different. Am I missing something, or misinterpreting EKAT?

Apologies in advance if I'm not following forum rules.
Festool How To... / Re: Shallow Cuts with Carvex?
« Last post by waho6o9 on Yesterday at 11:03 PM »
Router sled springs to mind.
Practice on scraps first and you'll do fine.

or with a rail I'd use:
Frankly I wouldn’t make that cut that way.  I would have made 2 or 3 passes. Sparks coming from possibly dirt in the bark don’t bother me.

Good point. I use multiple passes on the table saw for really thick stock, but it did not cross my mind that I should do the same on the Kapex.
Hand Tools / Re: Woodpecker Paolini pocket rules
« Last post by jobsworth on Yesterday at 10:43 PM »
I changed my order and ordered them in stainless


very handy bit of kit

Does it work, and if so does the 24 grit paper last?

 [welcome] to the FOG...

I’ve used a diamond wheel on a RA grinder, that’ll give you a better success ratio than 24 grit. You just need to use a light touch. Rake the surface continuously to even out the grinding pattern.
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