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Member Projects / Re: Van racking
« Last post by Cheese on Today at 09:56 AM »
Colorizing is even better. All my Systainer's have latch colors relating to their uses, IE: sanding.

I also use colored Systainer latches. Easy to pick out from a distance, easy to pick out in a stack of Systainers.

Black latches = anything Domino related, DF 500, DF 700, Woodpeckers offset base, TSO BigFoot & Dominos
White latches = anything router related, OF 1010, MFK 700, OF 1400 & MicroFence items
Red latches = anything 125 mm sander related, Rotex, ETS EC, Pro 5, ETSC & sanding discs
Green latches = anything delta sander related, Rotex 90, DX 93 & sanding discs

So even in a stack of white colored T-LOC's, if you know what size Systainer the tool is in, it's still easy to find. The 1400 originally comes in a SYS 4, the MFK in a SYS 2, the MicroFence items I placed in a SYS 1 and finally, I placed the 1010 in a SYS-Combi 3 to hold MFS accessories, router bits & 1010 accessories.

Classifieds / Seneca Parallel Guides 24"
« Last post by DynaGlide on Today at 08:27 AM »
I'm selling my Seneca parallel guides 24" w/ narrow stops. Pictures can be provided but it's been stored in my basement shop and is like new. $150 shipped CONUS. Or local pickup available Northern Virginia.

Festool Tools & Accessories / Re: Domino XL 700 adapter
« Last post by ear3 on Today at 08:03 AM »
In the fine print it lists the brand as WGM Tool Works.  Haven't heard anything about them (or him) and they don't saeem to have a public profile, so I guess they've just knocked off the adapter and are selling direct on Ebay?  It's a really simple design, so if the metal is sound and the threading good I imagine it would work just the same as the Seneca.
Other Tools & Accessories / Re: INCA table saw 150
« Last post by Bohdan on Today at 06:54 AM »
The Inca 150 is a US designation, see the first manual in this list.
Member Projects / Re: H&K Custom Barn Doors
« Last post by TXFIVEO on Today at 06:37 AM »
Flemish glass door installed in Flower Mound, TX...
I bought this from new a couple of years ago but soon after bought a planer thicknesser, so never used this plane other than to test it out. It is in perfect condition. It comes complete with a Veritas sock and the original box. I am also selling a jointer fence

£220 plus postage at cost

Festool Tools & Accessories / Re: Domino XL 700 adapter
« Last post by Birdhunter on Today at 05:46 AM »
Somehow, this feels like buying a Mercedes and putting Yugo aftermarket parts on it.
Other Tools & Accessories / INCA table saw 150
« Last post by Ulrich on Today at 04:52 AM »
I am looking for INCA 150 table saw owners manual, perhaps in PDF format
Member Projects / Re: Van racking
« Last post by Michel on Today at 03:46 AM »
Ive tried having my "go to" tools in systainers, and it just doesnt work for me. My Hilti battery tools and the Makita stuff needs to be on open shelves, so i can grab em quick, and put them back in. Only tools that have accessories, clamps, blades, sandpaper etc with them, I keep in systainers. Thats my kind of logic :) I do so many different tasks, when not doing kitchen fitting. So everyday I need different tools.
Uh yeah, that is remodeling for you  [tongue] Takes a lot of different tools for sometimes what would appear to be a simple job. Even "just" kitchens takes a lot of tools. For me I have found organization is the single most import key to finding my tools in a timely manner. The fact we need so many tools means packing them into as small of a space as possible means I can bring more with me (Not good for weight).

Crap, maybe I need to do the whole thing over again :)

Thanks alot for the latches, EXACTLY what I needed!!
Im getting quite scared about all those drawer runners, for now it seems like I need to buy 21 sets, and they are about 35 dollars pr set. Second, they weigh quite alot.
$735 would buy you more than a few larger sized tool boxes like Ridgid (Keter brand) or Packout tool boxes. Strap them into the van and you are done. Label all tool boxes, including Systainer's, on 5 sides in BIG lettering so you can spot it from across the room. Colorizing is even better. All my Systainer's have latch colors relating to their uses, IE: sanding.

But you got me thinking again. I have loads of empty systainers...
As much as I like Systainer's for their size and ability to hold my most prized Festool's inside, they are too small for cordless tools, etc. that can take a beating, so putting many tools into a box is no big deal. If you haven't dropped your impact from a ladder yet, you are better than I. All my Makita stuff is in a Ridgid tool box. Same goes for my M18 and M12 stuff.

[ Attachment Invalid Or Does Not Exist ]

Slowly I have been switching over to the superior Packout system over the Ridgid boxes. Recently I put all my tiling tools into a tall stack. I can easily roll all tools in one shot, except a saw/snapper.

You could sell any Systainer's here on the FOG very quickly if you aren't using them.

Since you asked for options on latches...these are commonly used for RV's.

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