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Member Projects / Re: White Oak and Steel Stair
« Last post by DeformedTree on Today at 05:57 PM »
"could you please floss the stairs today"

If the every need to paint, that gap will be a pain, as you can't get in there. On the other hand if they want to un-do the treads to paint it's easier to get them in and out without scrapping up the paint.
Member Projects / Re: How would you guys do this?
« Last post by DeformedTree on Today at 05:55 PM »
How about make the center a separate counter top that sits a few inches higher than the wings?
Festool Tools & Accessories / Re: Long extrusion profile for mft/3?
« Last post by magellan on Today at 05:53 PM »
I do have a list of all the parts.  Yes you are correct about the center bar it does have to be removed before you can fold the table.   In reality I built this table with expectations of it only being used occasionally but it has been my primary assembly table.  I recently added a few more pieces to the lower structure and added a shelf to store my Festool Systainers.   I will add pictures tomorrow when I get to the shop.   Yes I spent a few dollars making it foldable and ended up not folding it up.  Oh well.   

I forgot about this thread.  This table ended up being one of the best additions to my shop. I was always working on my wall benches meaning benches I had pushed up against the wall. Now I can maneuver all around it. 
Other Tools & Accessories / Re: NEW TSO TPG-30 PARALLEL GUIDE
« Last post by jobsworth on Today at 05:44 PM »
Any word on the cost?
Festool How To... / CT 26 Maintenance/Rebuild?
« Last post by mbrusso on Today at 05:40 PM »
Hi to all. I   am hoping to find out if anyone else has gone through this issue with their dust extractor.  I   have been running the CT26 primarily in conjunction with my Kapex for over 5 years now.   I   have noticed recently a significant loss in suction due to more sawdust being present on my work table at the end of a work period than what I   remember.  I   have been diligent in replacing the hepa filter, new bags, and even cleaned and wiped the gaskets and hose connections with some soapy water. - Even to the extent of opening and cleaning the gaskets surrounding the motor enclosure.   I   am wondering if it is worth having what I   call "the carpet underpad" foam blocks replaced as well?   I   know every little bit will help, but I   feel like it's not the machine it used to be.  Thank you kindly
Coping molding, especially crown molding will teach you how to use it.  A Collins Coping Foot is probably the best base for this though.
Festool and Tanos Systainers / Re: Show your systainer
« Last post by Trucks192 on Today at 04:57 PM »
Quick shot of the inside on my van with most of my systainers. It is still a work in progress but I'm almost done. I did start a thread on this built awhile back, I need to get some time to get good photos of the almost finished build and update that thread.

Festool Tools & Accessories / Re: TS55 vs. TS75
« Last post by Kodi Crescent on Today at 04:57 PM »
Get neither.  Get a Mafell MT55 instead.

If you plan on getting one of the TS models to use with a MFT, the TS55 is probably a better choice.  While the 75 is larger and more powerful, it is heavier.  Lifting 4 lbs once isn't a big deal.  However, the saw is never lifted once on the MFT.  It is lifted on and off the rail after EACH cut and needs to be set somewhere.  The number of handlings for the saw becomes quite repetitive and lifting an extra 4lbs multiple times per hour can get tiring.
Festool and Tanos Systainers / Re: Show your systainer
« Last post by tjskinny on Today at 04:54 PM »
New year orginizing - Borrowing insert designs from Peter Parffit and using some leftover material:



Using a Lee Valley pliers orginizer and cutting it:,43326

Festool and Tanos Systainers / Re: Show your systainer
« Last post by Trucks192 on Today at 04:52 PM »
This last one I'm looking for suggestions on. I have my Dewalt 20volt 16 gauge and 18 gauge nailers in a systainer (I think it is a sys4 but might be a sys5?). I wanted to build a plywood caddy/insert for them but the lid just barely closes now with the slim batteries in the guns.

Does anyone have a good dewalt nailer setup with both guns, charger, spare batteries, and nails in one systainer? I have tied a few ways of putting them in and his was the only way I got both to fit and it is tight height wise.

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