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Other Tools & Accessories / Re: Cyclone advice
« Last post by Birdhunter on Today at 05:04 AM »
i have an old dual 2HP cyclone system from Oneida. I trigger it with remote control key fobs.

My ducting is heavy duty metal as Oneida says regular ducting can collapse from the extreme suction. I have manual waste gates at each machine. If I was to do this again, I'd use wire reinforced 6" clear plastic ducting. I'd also use automatic waste gates.

I did find my neighbor's outdoor lighting control was starting one of my cyclones and my remote was switching their lights off and on. It was until we went out to dinner together and my neighbor mentioned his lighting system's weird behavior that I figured out what was happening.

Have you looked in the Apple App Store?

Building Materials / Re: Stopping/sealing rot on structural beams
« Last post by Holmz on Today at 03:44 AM »
10 mile team borax can be used as a fungicide.
Festool Tools & Accessories / Re: I am done
« Last post by Holmz on Today at 03:41 AM »
I'm a big fan of the CXS, and also have the PDC 18. I think  the Centrotec system change the egronomics of using drills  there is no comparison of poping a bit in the centrotec bit holder as opposed to using a keyless chuck where that little twist on the skin of my already hard used skin seems unecessarily uncomfortable. Besides this its way quicker to change bits.
Another fine thing is the centrotec chuck is small and space saving.

So it's a superior system to a normal keyless chuck.

Maybe there is a comparison to the A10M/A18M or Metabo bit holders, which takes the 1/4" sized standard bits?

It now appears that this site is just for old wingers to moan about everything that is wrong in their lives, shame really because it drives away the interesting people who enjoy their lives.this site needs another 500 sixpointsocket’s not more wingers as late.
Totally agree with you about iTunes, the clue is in the name, tunes.
Our local tool rep insisted we try out the HKC55, I am still from the old school where you drill with hilti and saw with mafell, but I think he is under pressure to sell more Festool so we obliged.
First impressions were good although it felt unbalanced with the attached rail compared to the KSS 300 which is like having a hand saw in your hand. Battery life is poor but I have yet to be convinced that batteries are the future, I would prefer to carry a generator than spend my nights charging batteries for the next day. The one thing I did notice and would be the sole reason for not buying one was the amount of flex on the base plate caused by the fact there is only one bevel clamp holding the base, this I assume causes the blade to twist as it spins which in turn drains the battery and gives a bad cut. If you have one then try it, I am sure with enough pressure you could break the base
Computers, Gadgets, Technology / Re: Festo Robot on Science Channel
« Last post by mrB on Today at 03:16 AM »
Very cool!! Though it's still the Festo bird that blows my mind the most.
I don't understand why so often i hear negative chat here about the Pro5 promotion. I get the frustrating delays in delivery, but man.... Festool sold $300+ Sanders for $99 and people talk about it like they were literally robbed in broad daylight.  [eek]

As for apps in iTunes.. Personally I'm glad iTunes will have one less thing in it thats not music. I miss the days where it was just a simple music library.
I’d suggest you send it back to Festool and ask them to conduct an evaluation on its ability to meet the current production specifications. I’m sure they have some QA boiler plate as to what the minimum requirements are and where this particular saw stands within that framework. Is it a problem with the saw, a problem with the battery or both?

I’m very happy with mine and I did notice that my HKC with one battery seemed to have more power than my TSC with one battery. Which I accepted as normal because of the different blade kerf widths.

I’ve cut some 2x materials with the saw and it cuts as well as my Milwaukee cordless, while having a 3-4 longer run time. I’ll be selling the Milwaukee.

If you’re saying the old Dewalt 18v saw was more powerful, then I’d seriously suggest you send the HKC in for a checkup because that saw was horrible and had an incredibly short run time.
Festool Tools & Accessories / Re: Sysrock..Any early thoughts?
« Last post by #Tee on Today at 01:44 AM »
The plastic body of the sysrock has severely discolored from sun exposure.

that sounds about right, i left my dewalt tstak containers out in the sun and its discolored like anything else thats affected by uv.
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