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Not sure if it's mentioned already. An 18volt ct sys dust collector to go with all the cordless tools.
We sell the Kreg Multi-Mark and have it in stock for those who want another option and like to support small businesses.  [smile]
Don't forget that Kreg offers a version of this tool that is available everyday for considerably less ($14.98).

I have both and use them almost interchangeably in my shop.

I have two of these!  One in my shop apron and one in my tool belt.  I've looked at the Woodpeckers version and, while I know it's well made, I can't justify it when the Kreg version does what I need it to at a fraction of the price.
As a relatively new woodworker, I'm pleased to see many of the One Time Tools repeated. As my skills grow, I've come to see the value in some of their specialized offerings, and I appreciate the opportunity to purchase when the window opens. Sure, they could rename the program to One or More Time Tools, but I think anyone who knows Woodpeckers understands the 2-3 year cycle on the more popular items. I don't think the name damages their reputation to any meaningful degree. These aren't collectibles (like many Bridge City items which never contact a piece of wood). They are tools meant to be used in a real shop, by real people, making real products. And when they get busted or stolen, I'd like the option to repurchase in 24 months instead of searching eBay.

That being said, I agree that several of these items should become permanent additions to the in stock lineup. If anything, many of their all aluminum squares should be retired to the One Time line, replaced by the recent One Time stainless offerings.
Festool Tools & Accessories / Re: Drill for 20mm parf benchdog
« Last post by Mario Turcot on Yesterday at 09:32 PM »
Since no one mention it, any Festool basic drill do NOT come with battery pack.
I just built a 12 hole by 6 hole portable worktop from 18mm Baltic birch like the Dave Stanton bench.
 The tightness of the pins is good and assured it was extremely square.

The only downside is the baltic plywood tears out like crazy from the forstner bit and that made the backside kind of ugly. Also the screw in receptacles for the legs were splitting out really badly, so I just ended up epoxying them in. I can screw them in from either side. I will use the top as a good side and the other side when I might end up cutting into the surface.

I bought a cheap $30 drill with a cord, I didn't want to fuss with a bunch of battery changes.

The parf guide system is rock solid and worked exactly as advertised in Peter's videos.


I built a Paulk style workbench, using 3/4 plywood for the top. Yes the 3 mm pins do fit tight in the Parf Jig and the plywood. You do not have to push the 3 mm pins all of the way through the jig and into the plywood. Just push them in far enough into the plywood that the jig does not move while you are drilling. I think I did use the 3 in 1 oil on the 3 mm drill. I did find that 1of the 3 mm pins was tighter than the other 2 so I used the 2 that were loosest for most of the holes where I only needed 2 pins in the jig. They seemed to get easier to use after I drilled some holes but maybe my technique got better. I did put oil on the 3 mm pins every so often. The pins are also a tight fit in the rulers.
So - I've been seeing people begin to receive these in the UK and wonder if they'll be available in the US. I'm NOT interested in a new vac or hose - but this add-on looks reasonably priced and of interest. I think they're coming out with new CT vacs with this built in, but in the UK it's being sold separately. Here's a link I found:

Edit: It's called the Festool Remote control CT-F I/M-Set
i made my first top (and only so far) with baltic birch.  The fit was tight which I considered a good thing because it kept the "error" minimized.  The tightness didn't seem extreme.  I was amazed how square everything came out. 
How about a "Domino Table" similar to the Kreg Foreman? I think that it would save us a lot of time when doing repetitive work like face frames.

Festool design team : I would be very happy to have the first table once you have a marketable product. For free, of course. [emoji16]

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