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Festool Tools & Accessories / Re: Domino 700/500
« Last post by Motor on Today at 07:12 AM »
I guess it depends upon what you’re going to work on. If it’s 3/4” face frames and cabinetry, then the 500 works well. If it’s for full sized doors & gates, then the 700 comes out ahead.

If it’s both...then you need both.

Remember the recent new 8mm adjustable/removeable Domino was focused on 3/4” material.

Thanks everyone. I bought a 500. I will be using it with one of my Festool vacuums.
Festool Tools & Accessories / Re: TS 55 Reliability/Quality Problem
« Last post by glass1 on Today at 07:12 AM »
I recently rehabbed 2 antique barn doors. 2” thick. Plenty of rip cuts. 48 tooth blade. No problem in southern yellow pine for Makita. Paid $399 with charger 4 batteries 2 Systainers and a rail. Only need the 48 tooth blade.
A video by an engineer that Apple would rather no one saw

You may lose the anti-static benefits if you use third party hoses.

Nilfisk make anti-static hoses that are very similar to the Festool ones, and quite a bit cheaper..
Festool How To... / prolonging sanding pad lives
« Last post by imaginarynumber on Today at 06:43 AM »
I have had a linear sander for years (LS130). I used it for the first time in ages a couple of years ago. After a week it went back in the box. A year later I opened the box and noticed that all of the backing pads (bar the self profile one) have all degraded and are crumbling.

Today I checked the backing pads for my old Ro150. They too have fallen apart.

I guess about £400 worth of backing pads are now unusable.

What causes them to fall apart. Is it a lack of UV light? Is there anyway of preventing them from falling apart? Would removing them from the systainers help?

Granted some of them are over 8(?) years old but many have hardly been used. I have no problem with things failing as a result of wear and tear but old age? No one told me that they have a shelf life when I purchased them...

Festool How To... / Re: cannot remove rotex 125 sanding pad
« Last post by imaginarynumber on Today at 06:27 AM »
Great, thanks Milvus.

With your assistance I finally managed to remove it. I used a combination of cutting and then wide jaw pliers.

The new pad goes on/comes off with ease.

I am hoping that the replacement pad will help to reduce the bouncing. Need to order some more paper first!!!

Once again, thanks for your help.
General Friendly Chat / Another driving near mishaap
« Last post by Bob Marino on Today at 06:14 AM »

  So, the other night  I'm driving north on the Harlem River Drive (NYC) onto the elevated section (2 lanes) which takes you to the Bronx or to the GW Bridge. Going with the flow ~ 30 mph. Somehow the SUV in front of me must have let loose with a orange metal hand truck that is bouncing a couple of car lengths in front of me. Since I'm very aware of the inconsiderate idiots and ricer boy drivers, I pay particular attention to this short stretch of road, keeping more than proper distance from the car in front of me. I slowed down quickly - not jamming the brakes, but come to a full stop. Of course being NYC, the horns started honking within 2 seconds, of course (being a Brooklyn guy living in NJ) I did the intelligent, mature thing and shouted a few choice words out the window. Got into the other lane and drove on home, unscathed. Over in 30 seconds.

 I guess I dodged a bullet as a second or two of inattention would have lodged that cart right under the engine - with all the ensuing damage and would have been a nightmare trying to dislodge it if it got wedged - absolutely no room to drive to. I said it before and I'll say it again - more than anything else, distance is your best hedge against this (and most other) types of accidents.
Member Projects / Re: Shed
« Last post by grobkuschelig on Today at 05:14 AM »
Nice build!

I have to agree that the plywood is not really my cup of tea either.
Maybe because it “hides” your workmanship in a way?!

What did you use as a finish on the plywood?
Will be interesting to see how it holds up in the weather.
Festool How To... / Re: cannot remove rotex 125 sanding pad
« Last post by Milvus on Today at 05:10 AM »
Other pic, to see how much it sticks out.

Festool How To... / Re: cannot remove rotex 125 sanding pad
« Last post by Milvus on Today at 05:08 AM »
Hello Imaginarynumber.

I hope you can remove the pad without damaging the sander.

Here you are a pic.

Considering the backing of the pad is plastic, mounted into metal, have you thought on heating the plastic with something and trying to remove it instead of cutting it?

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