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Festool How To... / Re: Water extraction kit?
« Last post by imaginarynumber on Today at 03:56 AM »

See the section just before "Service and maintenance"

Festool recommend that you use a sponge filter ( 496169 ) for the CT 26/36/48.

AFAIK the CT-SYS/mini/midi do not have the overfill (autocut out) sensors though.
Festool How To... / cannot remove rotex 125 sanding pad
« Last post by imaginarynumber on Today at 03:32 AM »
I just cannot remove the pad from my 125mm Rotex no matter how hard I try.

I have no problems with my 90mm and 125mm Rotex sanders.

Although I have had the sander for years, I haven't used it that much. It used to jump and bounce around all over the place, so much so that I eventually only used it with an interface pad for sanding 2K paints on MDF. I guess that I should have returned it as faulty but it was quite some time before I got to use a friend's 125 and realised that mine is badly balanced.

My last attempt to remove the pad ended up with the velcro and foam backing sheering off, leaving just the plastic base.

I guess that I am going to have to use an oscillating saw to remove it. Can any one post a picture of the sander without a pad fitted so that I know where to be careful when cutting, or can anyone recommend an alternative way of removing it?

Many thanks

Member Projects / Re: Heavy Duty Iroko Gates
« Last post by chewy on Today at 03:30 AM »
The mix with wood and metal detail looks awesome ! Really tidy build. Getting the holes to line up on the diagonal must have been fun. Are you expecting the gate to drop much ?

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Various Woodworking & Crafts Topics / Re: Adding color to Epoxy filler
« Last post by chewy on Today at 03:24 AM »
That looks gorgeous already! Can't wait to see if after you done the joints.
Years ago I was on site and a builder said you can always tell a good tiler cause it'll look good even before its grouted. The tiler was doing a very complex layout and it looked amazing with tile spacers sticking out (he use to remove them before grout) This reminds me of that [emoji41]

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Member Projects / Re: Shed
« Last post by chewy on Today at 03:20 AM »
Construction wise it looks really well made ! Aesthetically though I'm not too keen. It looks like a big plain lump imho.

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Sales & Dealer Area / Re: Boat Building with Domino Connectors
« Last post by Peter Parfitt on Today at 02:40 AM »
I suspect we are looking at the station molds that the hull will be built on. So none of this will see water.

I also agree with this. The Domino connectors are excellent but nobody in their right mind would use them in an application which involved huge stresses and sea water.

They are in the process of making a male pattern from which the female will be made. The wooden male would have to be disassembled from within the cured female, hence the connectors.

It takes less than 60 seconds to change a blade on a TS-55.  Why not cut the best cut and cause the least wear on your tool?


Devil's advocate.  Why spend the time and extra expense on another blade(s) to do the what the Makita 36V can do with stock blade?

Because it is cheaper than buying a Makita 36v?  Or because you already have a TS-55 and other blades?


Peter, I wouldn’t call the Makita 36 Volt cheaper by any means.  By the time you buy the saw, battery packs and track, the price is about the same as the more capable TS 75. 

I think people make too big of deal about the weight of the TS 75.  It’s only 3 1/4 pounds heavier than the TS 75.  The Makita blades don’t have matched Kerfs like the TS 75.  The Makita forces you to change strips with blades changes. 

I’m a bit puzzled why anyone would compare the TS 75 against the Makita.  The TS 75 can handle thicker hardwoods and a wider range of materials than the Makita 36 V.

To change blades on an existing TS-55 is cheaper than buying a Makita 36 v.
Festool Tool Problems / Re: Kapex dies again
« Last post by Kevin D. on Today at 01:45 AM »
Oh Kevin d do tell...

Say what?  Tell what....I don't get it.
Member Projects / Shed
« Last post by Cealan on Today at 01:17 AM »

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Other Tool Reviews / Re: Fisch Brad Point set
« Last post by deepcreek on Today at 12:29 AM »
I ended up buying the 28 piece Fuller brad point set from Tools for Working Wood.

Imperial sizes in 1/64 increments from 5/64 to 1/2" in a steel case.  Individual replacement bits are available.

Made in USA.  $200 + shipping which was surprisingly reasonable

It seemed expensive at first but not after I considered what I had spent on some Festool accessories.

I'm very impressed and can hardly wait to use them.
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