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Ask Festool / Re: Becoming Online Dealer / Reseller
« Last post by Wooden Skye on Today at 08:15 AM »
@Festool USA

The recent question was asked about being dealer in South Africa, so reaching out to the Festool USA may not get him where he needs to be.  Then again you would know better than me.
I would expect the festoolusa guys to be smart enough to helpfully forward such a request to the german headquarters.

I would agree with you and that is why I wrote what I did at the end, but sometimes things get lost in cyber space.

i am thinking about this topic for over a week and maybe i´m finally have found a solution, but the unspoken and unknown amendment  which says "Thou shalt not buy a (fest)tool without consulting FOG or it will be in vain". is an imperative  (for me).

I have MFT/3 and OF1010 which i use for mobile work. But now i need a router table because i have to cut a channel a long several meters of wooden border for led strips.The wooden edge is about 38mm (1,5 inch?) and the LED strip is 15mm (1,1 inch?) broad.

I have several choices:

1) I could only buy a CMS GE (standalone, four legs) : 452€, 560$ and CMS OF 515€, 634$ = 1194$
2) A 1400 Set (OF1400 + CMS GE + CMS OF) 1348€ :  1661$
3) A 2200 Set (OF2200 + CMS GE + CMS OF) 1538$ : 1895$

4) How about a the MFT/3 VL, the extension to the table, it would have the advantage that it could be mounted directly to the MFT/3 so that maybe would gain some space and would be more compact? Price is nearly the same as with the CMS GE.

Now, i could save some hundreds € if i would buy the big set for 1895$. The other strategy, the much more cheaper one would cost only 1194$ but then i am only able to use the OF1010 (which i already own). On the one hand i would save about 700$, on the other i would pay only 700$ more for a OF 2200 if i would buy the set.

I think i would choose the cheap option with the purpose to buy the OF2200 some other day or year but i would also like to own the big one...

What would you do?

Thank you!
(and forgive my bad english)

Picture is about the kitchen i am building
Finishing and Painting / Re: Farrow and Ball in a sprayer?
« Last post by scholar on Today at 07:33 AM »
I have not tried spraying F&B emulsion (wall) paint, but I have sprayed estate eggshell and exterior eggshell satisfactorily with my HVLP (Fuji Q4).

I have had paint colour matched to F&B, but as alluded to earlier this is a big subject - even though the colour may be a good match, the look of the paint may not be, and in my experience isn’t. There is more to it than pigment as I understand it, eg fillers etc that affect the paint’s reflectivity etc etc.

The F&B website gives detailed guidance for each product on recommended application - in most cases airless and HVLP are recommended - in the case of HVLP, they suggest that thinning of up to 30% may be necessary.

Do not ignore the guidance to use the correct F&B primer - there is plenty of evidence that using other primers will potentially cause problems (don’t ask me why).

Finally, in my experience, whether sprayed or brushed on, the eggshell paint does take some days to get to a hard finish - until then even when apparently dry it can still feel a little sticky - no problems once fully dry though.

Hope that helps


The adaptor you have posted a picture of is one of Festool's recent new additions for their hose's.
I don't have any of them on my hose's, I have the originals.

The tool end is flexible and will shape to fit over the oval port, but the hose end is rigid and is designed to fit the Festool hose. You may be fortunate and it may fit your hose, but you will need to compare your hose with a Festool 27mm hose.

Regarding why the OF1010 dust port is oval, I believe some of the earlier Festool tools had oval ports and it's stayed the same on the OF1010 even on the latest models. I have an earlyish Rotex RO150 and It has the same oval port on It as the OF1010. It is not a problem as the hose does bend to the correct shape and stays nice and snug on the port.
 I purchased a Rotex 150feq to refurbish a small 1970’s Parkett floor and redo our stairs ( as well as other small furniture projects)
I started today and it’s taking a long time to remove a very very hard varnish (dates from the 1970’s). I’m using p40 granat to start, speed 6  ‘hard’ setting.
I’m an amateur, have some diy experience. But a bit less than a square meter has taken 2hrs!!
Could I be missing something or is this just the way it is with such a hard varnish (it reminds me of a very thick layer of yacht varnish!)
ok so I assume its made of soft rubber type plastic an can therefore fir the oval dust port.
If the output diameter is not the same as my dust hose I can adapt with a stepped adaptor.

Why is the OF1010 dust port oval, 1st time I see this (I have a TS55 saw, ETS 125 sander, DF500 domino, all with round dust ports) ?
my dust collector and hose are not festool ones, so I have a "standard" round fitting (hard plastic)

will this adator fit ?

It will fit the Festool oval port on the router but I cant say whether it will fit your hose.
my dust collector and hose are not festool ones, so I have a "standard" round fitting (hard plastic)

Oh, I see.

A short length of rubber hose (3" long) will do the job. One end over your round hard plastic hose and the other end onto the oval dust port. You could leave the rubber length permanently fitted to the oval port....??
my dust collector and hose are not festool ones, so I have a "standard" round fitting (hard plastic)

will this adator fit ?

The standard 27mm hose end will fit over the oval dust port nice and snug.....never had mine pull off during use!
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